Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Brough come to visit

We were so lucky to have Steve's parents come and stay with us for a couple of days. The boys just love them..... and we like them a little too!

They were here to see the boys first soccer games (including Cohen getting elbowed in the face- love Steve's pep talk). And to note in the game after this one Cohen made 2 goals-yay!

 They both have loved playing this year and have tried really hard
 Saturday night we took them to the Tuacahn to see Starlight Express. It was awesome........ for the first 5 minutes and then the huge lightening and rain storm hit- um ya there was a lot of rain while they were here!

 Fun pictures before church

 Monday we spent in Zion's National Park. We had a really yummy lunch and then took the shuttle halfway up the park and then can you guess........ yep RAIN! We finally squeezed on a shuttle and went to the visitor center and watched the movie about how Zion's became a national park! We ended the day going to the Pizza Factory and going through an art gallery- fun!
 Of  course we always have to have sticks (these are still in my car)

 On Tuesday the boys headed off to school so we all went to Breakfast at Tifany's which was fun and then mom and I got pedicures and did a little shopping- oh how I love me some girl time!
That afternoon we went and took a tour of the Brigham Young home! 
The day they left they took us all out to lunch and we all hate to say good bye- did I ever mention that I have the BEST in-laws ever! We loved having them come stay!

Monday, September 16, 2013


I can't believe Cohen is In Kindergarten! He goes to a brand new school here called Crimson View Elementary. He goes in the morning and his cute teacher is Miss Ybright- he really likes her! His first day they don't let you walk them into their class room- talk about ripping it off like a band aid. He of course was so excited and I was hoping that he found his cubby and seat okay! But everything of course went great and he loved it!

 Here is his cute teacher
 And here is his best friend Kaden. They are in different classes but the highlight of his day is when he sees Kaden in PE or in the hall- it's pretty cute!
Here's to a super fun year!