Thursday, May 22, 2014

Carson Graduates from Preschool

Carson had his preschool graduation today! Can you believe it? I can't!!!
He is so excited for summer but has told me several times that he will miss Miss Susie!
She was a perfect teacher for him over the past two years and I have to say that I just love her and am so grateful for all that she has done for my little buddy!

 Here's his cute little class! He made a lot of fun friends this past year and loved telling me storied about things they did in class.

What a sweet boy- next is Kindergarten!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun Spring Moments

 It's birthday party season- we have had so many fun parties that we have gone too- so glad the boys have so many great friends

 Camping out in the backyard and  looking through the telescope at the moon!
 Hanging out with my bestie

 Having ice cream cones after their baseball game- thanks team McDonalds

 Um.... I don't even know but it was adorable when I walked into the living room and they were like this!
 Cohen had a reading party yesterday for kids who read 400 minutes or more a month for 7 months or more :)- I totally deserve a pat on the back for that one!! They had a hip hop instructor come and teach the kids some cool moves! Cohen and his best friend Kaden were so cute dancing!!
They have some serious swag!

Cohen's Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe it.... how did Kindergarten go by so fast? They had his graduation a couple of weeks ago and today is actually his last day of school- let's just say tat I am having a really hard time with this!! I can't believe that next year he will be away from me for a whole day... everyday. It makes me sad- can't they just stay little forever?
He is such a wonderful and smart child- he tested 293 out of 296 at the end of Kindergarten- I am so proud of him! He is so social and sweet, very tender hearted and yet has started liking all these big kid things like Star Wars and Super heroes (what happened to animals ?) I can't believe how much he is maturing. He doesn't like to do anything wrong and always trying to please. He is a perfectionist! He played soccer this year and now baseball and golf and has done really well with the last two :)
Pretty much I am his biggest fan!

Love him!!!

Carson's Preschool Program

Carson had his end of the year preschool program where they sing all the songs they learned that year and act out a play. Last year I don't think he sang more that 2 words- it was hilarious and so I wondered how he would do this time? He was so adorable! He sang every song, did actions and even had a speaking part in the play- oh what a year does for a child!

 Here he is being a train
 Here he is thuggin out

 I love this face

More Easter and Picture Catch Up!

 Having fun at the Easter egg hunt the Broughs do every year for their neighborhood- and we always tag along!

 We love watching this kid eat spaghetti

 The kids hitting Uncle Craig's piƱata- um are Lola's Tinkerbell shoes not the cutest ever!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter 2014

This Easter we headed up to Salt Lake! We got to go to the new aquarium and have a fun Easter egg hunt, swim and enjoy time with family!
 So I might be obsessed with Lola- she's kind of my favorite little person ever.... maybe because she is just like my sister..... and I kind of adore her too!

 Carson saw this hat and watch and begged Grandma for it- how cute is he!
 They had a great time at the aquarium

 They got to get donuts from beyond glazed- yum!
 Can you tell it was early Easter morning and I was tired since Carson was sick the night before from eating too much- all of these pictures are blurry- haha!

 Easter outfits- aren't they adorable!

I also got to have a wonderful breakfast with my girlfriend! It was so fun catching up. I had to write about the tender mercy that I experienced that day. As we were coming out of Kneaders someone had left and note on my windshield saying I had a screw in my right tire- sure enough there was one. So glad someone stopped and took the time to write that note. The tire was deflated so I went back to my parents house and Steve ran it into BigO tires and the screw was really short and barely punctured the tire so it was totally fine! Someone was watching out for me :)
We had a really fun weekend!