Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Holidays

The boys have really been enjoying the holidays! They love everything about it- the tree, the songs, the lights and of course Santa! I have to admit that Santa is the best bribe ever- Cohen has never apologized faster! We got an elf on the shelf this year- his name is Tinsel and every night he goes to the north pole and tells Santa if the boys are good or bad- I might be taking great advantage of this elf and his powers with Santa!

We had a great Thanksgiving ( although I was super sick) and we have had fun watching Christmas movies and doing fun things as a family! Cohen went to see Santa this year and he loved it- Carson on the other hand... not so much!

Cohen LOVES singing songs like Frosty the Snowman and Jingle Bells- and his nursery teacher told me how good of a singer he was! I can't believe he is going into Primary next year- he is getting so big!

Yesterday he was on his bed and he said" I was this off my bed" and I said what your blanket and he said " no this blue thing"- I stood there in total shock! He wanted his guardrail off- I stood there frozen for a minute and then said " but that means you are a big boy"- and he said "yeah"! I just want to say that although my children drive me crazy I really do love this stage! They are always doing such cute things and I don't ever want to forget it!

Carson is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh! he doesn't say much but he squeals with delight every time he sees either character! He also squeals when Steve comes home from work and he claps his hands- it is enough to make anyone come home to our crazy house! He also started saying Pooh yesterday- yeah progress!

We are so excited for Christmas this year and it is just magical for the boys- Cohen especially!
We are also excited that my parents are taking all of us to Disneyland and the end on January- this will be the first time for the boys and they are going to love it and we are going to love watching their faces light up! I am so grateful for my family and for this time of year that I get to enjoy it with them!!