Thursday, April 24, 2014

Carson's preschool Easter egg hunt

 The parents get to come the last 10 minutes of class and watch the kids go on and Easter egg hunt! I love 4 and 5 year olds!! I think they are at such a cute stage in life!
 Here's Carson with Miss Susie- and look at all those eggs he found!

 Obviously i took this picture at the wrong angle- haha! But Carson is looking! He had so much fun and loves his preschool class.
I had to throw this picture in here- Cohen has started golf lessons again! Isn't he adorable! I just love these boys.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kite Festival 2014

Ever since we went to the Kite Festival last year Carson has been wanting to go again! And it was even more fun this year!

 Cohen loved this water ball ride- Carson wanted to go but then got scared when they tried to put him in this bubble.
 Big bounce houses

 Steve even got into the action!

 Train ride- we went on this twice of course- go Zion's Bank!!

 Cohen trying to climb the rock wall- he did better than I thought

We tried flying a kite but it wasn't windy- it was perfect weather and we had a wonderful time! The best part is that the next day we had our ward party and a guy in our ward actually brought a lot of this same stuff to the party. Carson ended up going in the water bubble thing and they both went on a zip line- who are these adrenaline junkies!! Love this time of year!

Friday, April 4, 2014

March 2014

 Relaxing with dad on a Sunday afternoon!
 Waiting to get his haircut- he makes the funniest faces
 Cohen had "dress up like what you want to be when you grow up" day! He wants to be an inventor- how cute is he!
 Playing with friends
 Grandma came down and we all went to Ridgecrest, CA! Carson loves this place because there is a mini train we get to ride there!
 George let Carson switch all the tracks- he loved every second

 BBQ with family- here is cute Ariadne
 Playing war with Grandma
 Hiking the Trona Pinnacles- and the train tracks right next to it- awesome!

 taking pictures with daddy

 Playing at the splash pads
 SO you know those moments when you walk outside and your husband has the boys pinned against the fence and spraying them with a hose- good thing it was for this reason and not to be rude- haha!!! We seriously had a good laugh!
 Checking out some cool old cars- they loved it!

They earned ice cream cones after Cohen had an allergy appointment- they were so excited!!

February 2014

 Spring starts early here in St. George- enjoying the nice weather

 Carson tucking in his "babies" before going to school
 Special helper!!
 We got to go to Salt Lake for a quick weekend trip- I of course had a horrible cold- thank heavens for mom's! Going out to dinner
 Cousin Jordan gave the boys some lacrosse sticks- they loved them!
 Every night Lola was asking to take a bath with the boys so of course one night she got her way- yeah we kind of love her!!
 Who wouldn't she's the cutest thing ever!
 Aunt Heather playing trouble with the boys
The boys having fun while we walked through the nursery to pick out a whole bunch of new plants- this winter killed half our stuff- bummer ! But they are sure cute!