Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Came

Look at that happy face!

Cohen got a bike form Santa- can you tell he was excited. Carson got and activity center and sports arena. To be honest I don't have any pictures of Carson on Christmas morning- it's probably because I was taking pictures and holding Carson and Steve was video taping. So we do have lots of video of Carson Christmas morning. He was loving his toys and all the paper. Carson got overwhelmed by everything really fast and so he took a nap pretty early this morning. Cohen is still playing with toys right now and loving all of them.
One of the biggest hits of the morning was the gifts form Grandma and Grandpa Brough- they got Cohen a Little People Garage and Carson A Little People Noah's Ark. Of coarse Cohen LOVED his garage and has been playing with it like crazy. He also thinks Carson's toys are his and when we say no that is Carson's he says "no". That will be a work in progress.
Steve and I really enjoy watching our boys on Christmas morning- we always have a great time. Top it off with some orange rolls and it is awesome!

The PJs

Okay so the cutest pjs ever! They coordinate and they have matching slippers- I know right?!?
Cohen has Santa ones and they say ho ho ho- he loves them and when you ask him what is on his feet he says Frosty shoes- he loved them so much he wore them to bed last night!
Carson was sooo cute! His said "Dear Santa I Can Explain"! HaHaHa! And he looks like a little candy cane jail bird. I was so excited to get him in the middle of the night so I could see his cute pjs and his chunky little body that filled them out!
Doesn't he look so happy!

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve started with us going over to Rob and Holly's house. It was fun to see them before they left to tulsa for Christmas. Then over to my parents house. Christmas Eve dinner was amazing, we had the ham and all the fixings. Followed by the traditional pudding(in this case homemade ice cream) contest. I won yeah- and no it was not rigged! My sister Heather and her hubby Danny aren't coming for Christmas so we opened all their presents- the big hit of the night the Handy Manny tool set they bought Cohen- yeah he loves it. As tradition we all opened pajamas and our ornaments for this year. We all had a great time.

Carson loves the wrapping paper.

When we got home we put Carson to bed and read a Nativity Book with Cohen and sang songs. It was a perfect night-we can't wait for Santa to come!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Yeah Cohen's first snowman. As I have mentioned earlier he is totally obsessed with Frosty and Rudolph- he sings the songs and it is so cute. So when it snowed really well Steve (being the cool dad that he is) battled the FREEZING cold and took Cohen out to build Frosty. The snow had an icy layer so they couldn't roll Frosty they had to pack the snow. So he didn't end up being huge, but Cohen size. Cohen was smiling and laughing and singing the Frosty song the whole time. We got this cute snow man kit form the Children's Place that helped us make him look just like Frosty.
What a cute snow man my little man!

As I mentioned earlier the snow had an icy layer- here Cohen is walking on... snow! It would freak him out every time he would actually fall in the snow. Like how I bundled him- we had no snow clothes so I managed the best I could. He was not bothered at all by the cold. He just had a BLAST!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Brotherly Love

Oh what cute brotherly love. If you ask Cohen to hug Carson... well he does- that's right he is starting to follow commands now! Now I start putting him to work- hey Cohen go shovel the driveway- j/k!
Carson LOVES Cohen- he gets a little panicked sometimes, but I think it's because he feels like Cohen is going to squish him. The question is who wouldn't squish Carson- he is so squishy and lovable! Thank heavens Cohen is gentle with him!

Friday, December 4, 2009

2 Year and 6 Month Check Ups

Cohen was 10% for weight at 24.4 lbs.- yeah at least he is on the charts. 78% height at 34 inches and 66% head size. He is healthy and looks great. He does need to gain weight since his percentages aren't in the same range- it is always a work in progress.
In this picture he is singing Frosty the Snowman- it goes like this Frosty the noseman has happy jolly soul, mumble mumble mumble and then he starts all over again. It is so freaking cute.

Carson is 71% weight at 18.8 lbs, 81% height at 27 1/2 inches and 65% head size. He always seems to have some kind of issue at these appointments. 1. BRONCHITIS- what? Poor baby I just thought he was stuffy, but I guess it is junky in his lungs, what does that mean? Nebulizer treatments at home every six hours- super fun. 2. EAR INFECTION- what again? What am I the worst mom and have no idea he was this sick? So what does this mean oh yes 10 days of antibiotics. 3. SHOTS- I hate shots it means fevers and cranky baby. Along with this are his teeth just about to erupt, and eczema which is a lot better but still an issue. So my life consists of Carson waking up having a nebulizer breathing treatment, shoving antibiotics down his throat, washing his hair ad putting like 3 lotions on him and then shoving tylenol down his throat- then it all happens again at night-pretty sure I can't wait for this routine to end!
What makes it all worth it- look at my cute happy baby. He is up a lot at night, but can you blame the poor kid he can't be very comfortable. I seriously adore this happy boy- I can't squeeze and hug him enough! He is just such an angel.

I love both my awesome boys- I feel so lucky to have them!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Carson is 6 Months Old

My sweet Carson turned 6 months old yesterday ( I am such a slacker for not posting this yesterday). Unless he is pain or hungry or tired he is super happy and easy going. I love this chunky smily baby. I can't believe it has been six months since he was born, it is still so fresh in my memory. He loves to jump in his jumper. He is super ticklish and loves to tear apart paper or anything that makes a crinkly sound. He loves to pound his hands on tables and he is trying to grab at everything. He loves to be walked around in his carrier and that is the only way I vacuum my house. At his last appointment he weighed 19.2 ponds so we will see how much he weighs at his check up on the 1st. I can't remember our lives without little Carson- he totally belongs to our family and we adore our baby!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Cohen Turns 2!!!!

Where does the time go? I can't believe my baby is 2 today. He is such a blessing in our lives and I feel so blessed to be his mommy. The day started out with having a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa Bowers house. Including watching Frosty last night and Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast. Then came a super fun date with his best friend- his DAD. Steve took Cohen on a carousel ride and then rented a car stroller and let him "drive" around the mall. They had lunch and then Steve took him to Target and let him pick out a truck and his musical birthday card.
Cohen came home after his sleep over to like 20+ balloons and thought that they were totally awesome- In the pictures below you can see he has one in each hand standing next to his big 2 balloon.
He had a party tonight including Grandma and Grandpa Bowers, Rob, Holly and their kids and Heather and Danny. It was quite the wild crowd. It started off with yummy pizza. Followed by breaking open a basketball pinata which Cohen actually didn't like until the candy came out (he was crying because they were breaking his ball). He had a sports ball themed party which he loves balls- any kind and he can name them all for you too. Then it was present time. He is so tired by this point because he decided not to nap today. So he was cranky at the beginning of opening presents until he realized all the fun things he was getting. We got him a table and chairs for his room. He got a hand made quilt and book from Grandma and Grandpa Brough. Coloring stuff and puzzles from my parents and Rob and Holly, games from my sister and brother-in-law. He got lots of cards from other family members. Then it ended with cake and ice cream. My mom made this awesome football cake and basketball and baseball cupcakes- they were soooo cute and soooo yummy. Cohen had a great birthday. Thanks so much to everyone who made his day special. We love you sweet boy- you are such a joy in our lives!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Boy

My sweet happy boy! My Carson is so happy- I actually don't mind getting up at 3 am to feed him, he is always talking and the second he sees you he has the happiest smile on his face. We have been battling some serious cradle cap and ezcema on his face and head the last month or so. It was so bad that half of his face and head were puffy and red and peeling. I hate when someone comes up to you and looks at your baby like he is diseased and says what's wrong with him? NOTHING! Seriously can't they just look at him and see how cute and happy he is. Anyway these pictures were taken yesterday and his face has been getting way better thanks to a crazy daily routine of washing his hair twice a day and using all kinds of creams and lotions and a new water softner. So thankfully now he looks like he has just a little dry skin.
Carson is just happy to do his own thing, he isn't really interested in rolling or playing with toys. He does like to hit things that make noise and is close to sitting up. The other day at the doctor's office Cohen was jumping up and down and Carson was hysterically laughing, it was so cute and I love how he is becoming a little more aware of what is going on around him. He is such a cuddly baby I am loving this age.

Pumpkins, Hallomeen, and so much more

Cohen is still totally obsessed with Hallomeen as he calls it. This morning he was saying Hallomeen hallomeen and then he would say trick or treat. For some reason he just loves it. I have been trying to tell him that Thankgiving is next and he should say gobble gobble for a turkey. And he will and then immediately after he says Hallomeen. I have also been trying to teach him about Christmas- I did get him to say Santa says HO HO HO!
The other super funny thing Cohen is doing right now is making animal noises. What does a pig say Cohen- oink oink, what does a horse say Cohen- meigh, what does a cow say Cohen- boo, what does a apple say Cohen- mmmmm- hahaha!!! Steve and I ask him that all the time because it is sooo funny. Didn't you know apples made a sound!?!
The other thing he loves are pumpkins. He has been asking Steve to help him carry this pumpkin around which Steve was more than willing after Cohen says "help you peese" Meaning he wants Steve to help him. But after like 10 trips around the house Steve finally told him no more. So Cohen proceeded to roll the pumpkin around the house it was a lot of work but he loved it.
Cohen also plays with "baby's water" which means baby's bath tub. He thinks it's a boat- I love the imagination!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!!

Cohen was an awesome pirate this year for Halloween. This was his first year where he actually knew what was going on. He loves trick-or-treating and actually says it. He will also tell you aargh matey (he pronounces it maney) so fun. He loves his pumpkin bucket and all the halloween decorations.
Okay so there is nothing scary about this adorable little brown bear. Carson doesn't love wearing his bear hat, but when he does he looks so adorable. Our happy little brown bear.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve 32

Happy 32nd Birthday sweetheart. Okay so his actual birthday was on the 25th, but I have been a slacker and haven't done a post about my super awesome hubby. I adore this man. He is the greatest husband and best father a girl could ask for. I love you so much babe. I am glad you had a good day!