Monday, April 29, 2013

Kite Festival

My cute friend Mandy told me about this kite festival and how the kids just love it. So Steve and I that day had worked in the yard and then gone to a movie with some friends and were exhausted by the time we got home, but feeling bad that we really never did anything fun with the kids that day so we decided to go to the festival. Let me note that as we parked and walked to the park where it was held I kept seeing all these kids crying and their parents having to stop and try and calm them down and I thought "poor parents, so glad I am past that stage". Well the boys had so much fun that Carson had a full on melt down when we had to leave and I had to hang my head in shame as one of those parents whose child was crying all the way to the car- ugh joys of parenthood!
 They called it a kite festival because you could bring your kite and fly it on a golf course- it was so fun to see all the different kites. They had small carnival rides, snow cones, pizza, and Carson's favorite a train ride!

I just love spending time with our little family. And Carson's melt down just let me know that he had such a fun time. It was so fun for Steve and I to watch our boys have huge smiles on their faces for an hour straight- the joys of life!

Our Visitor

A couple weeks ago my Aunt Denise called and asked if we could have Lauren stay with us for a couple days here in St. George for a dance competition she was having while they were in Hawaii (jealous)- we were so excited to have her. She was amazing with the boys and they just loved her. We fed ducks, played at the park, watched movies, got ice cream, went to the toy store, and played outside. Lauren was so sweet to play with the boys the whole time, and she taught them a whole bunch of new games on the iPad- they were in heaven! So glad our sweet Lauren cousin could come and stay!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ridgecrest 2013

The last three years we have been lucky enough to go to Ridgecrest every Spring. Steve loves to go out and take pictures and I love to go and see my cousins..... well more go see their cute wives. The first day we were there Aunt Karen was helping out and a kids fair thing at the park so we went and had snowies and got to play with playdoh.

 My mom and my sister and Lola also came with us which was too much fun. We went out to eat at the Pizza Factory- the boys love playing the arcade games there- and Carson won on his own- cute!

 Aunt Karen is the greatest person a child has ever met. She has all the great movies and the best Legos. And she is patient enough to build all those lego sets so that the kids can play with them. Lets just say Cohen cried when he left because he was going to miss her.
 Every year Grandma sets up a visit to George and Linda's house where we ride the trains. Carson has been waiting for this for...... um 6 months now- haha! He loves it. Off we go

 Carson got to sit right behind George in the conductors seat and wanted to sit all by himself. George let him switch the track several times and Carson was in heaven. He loved it and he loved looking at all the other trains they have their too. It was a trains lovers dream- and he was happy!

Besides some allergy/colds we had it was a great trip. Of course I forgot to mention that we had a girls night and went to Rite Aid for ice cream everyday- yep I need to work off this trip for sure! It was great and we had so much fun with family!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter 2013

Spur of the moment we decided to go to Salt Lake for Easter this year. The weather was nice and Steve was able to take a day off work and we headed up. Saturday Was the annual Easter egg hunt that Holly puts on in her neighborhood every year- the boys love it. And Lola really got into it this year also- cousin just love each other.

 Getting ready to go
 Carson was part of the younger group so he got to go first- he was in the zone

 Then it was the older kids turn- I love this picture of Cohen above because he really got the gist of the game- run or the other kids will get all the eggs first. Poor kid at his preschool Easter egg hunt an older kid went ahead of all the other kids and picked up all the eggs and since Cohen isn't competitive he ended up with only one. It was sad because he was out there forever hunting for eggs- he learned!

 Found lots of eggs
 Boys and Lola playing in Uncle Danny's new truck with their Easter baskets
 Easter morning the boys were so excited- hence all the picture where they look exhausted....... it was 6 am! Just saying!

The Easter Bunny brought them Legos and Darth Vader toothbrushes and tons of candy- they loved it! Before we went home that day we had an amazing ham dinner with my family and got to visit Steve's family Rob and Holly! It was a short weekend but super fun!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preschool Easter Egg Hunts

Cohen's teacher Sister Hepworth is so cute- she is the sweetest person ever. She had this cute idea of reading the kids a book called the Easter Walk- (which I still haven't read) and then they all made baskets and had their own Easter walk. As they walked they got to pick up things around them that reminded them of Easter. Cohen picked up a pine cone and says "this reminds me of the thorns on the crown they made Jesus" whose child is this?

 After the walk we had a picnic lunch, and an Easter egg hunt! It was really a fun day!
 And apparently another boy came to class that day with whiskers drawn on his face like a bunny- so of course all the kids had to do it- hence the fact that Cohen has whiskers in all of his pictures- haha!
 Carson's teacher Miss Susie is truly amazing- Carson just loves her. She really has a way with kids. They also got to make egg shakers and have an Easter egg hunt. This adorable girl is Sarah- Carson's best little friend. I have never heard him talk as much as he talks to her. She brings out the best in him- too cute!
 Love this smile

Carson just loves his teacher- and he was so excited to hunt for eggs. They are really at the "magical age" where they really enjoy all the fun holidays. I remember thinking these days where so far away and now they are here. Everything is so magical to them at this age- how are they growing up so fast?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Our St. George Adventures

St. George has been a really fun place to live. We are still adjusting, but trying to enjoy what we have!
 Dixie state basketball game
 Daddy got spoiled with a new Jeep and the boys love to go off roading. They also got their own booster seats in dad's car- when did they get big enough for that?
 Going to lots of fun parks
 Searching for dinosaur tracks

 Eating out a lot- we have the original Cafe Rio- yum
 Discovering fun little places like this store below- it's a candy store that's been around for over a hundred years- we are enjoying some yummy ice cream from there!
We also love going to the library, playing with new friends, playing outside in the gorgeous spring weather, going to splash pads, riding the carousel and going for walks as a family! This move has helped our family grow closer together! We depend completely on each other and love spending time together! Hopefully more adventures to come

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disneyland 2013

We love Disneyland! It is so magical there and we were so excited to go!

 This year we only live 6 hours away so we actually got to drive there! We caravaned with our best friends the Suttons.

 This is us on lunch break. The suttons were so nice to feed us part of their picnic lunch. We soon discovered how fun it was to feed the flock of pigeons in the parking lot. Carson may or may not have thrown his whole sandwich to the birds.
 The first night we did our shopping. It was awesome because the toys they got entertained them in the hotel for the rest of the week.
 Waiting to get in
 Love the character breakfasts. So lucky Grandma, Aunt Heather and Lola got to come

 Casey Junior was our first ride I think- of course! Carson could not wait!

 Jungle cruiser
 When you go into California Adventure everyone goes to Cars Land so we pretty much had the rest of the park to ourselves- yay Toy Story Mania!

 The Suttons hooked us up with the tickets of a lifetime-haha! We got front row seats at the Aladdin show and then afterwards we got to meet the cast. It was seriously so fun!
 Cohen got a kiss from jasmine.He was so excited!

 Why is Mickey so funny?
 My favorite part was that after us was a kid who was probably 19 or 20 in line to meet Mickey with a disability. He could hardly wait his turn and when he got up to him he just embraced Mickey and Mickey just held him and patted his back. One couldn't help but tear up- Disneyland is really so magical!

 Love my boys- this picture is one of my favorites

 Love Cohen's pose with Frozone

 Our last day Grandma took the boys to make their very own light sabers
Who would have thought that now my boys are totally obsessed with Star Wars... like totally! We had such a fun trip with family and friends and made lots of fun memories!