Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carson's Procedure

Let's just say prayers were answered and everything went well. We had to go to Primary's and have a specialist do the procedure. We went yesterday and they put a whole bunch of numbing cream around him and then we had to wait for an hour- so I had filled his whole diaper bag with toys that he could play with- how else do you entertain a ten month old in a doctors office. Then I left because I didn't want to hear my child scream. Steve stayed with him because he is so awesome. Well they didn't even have to strap him down- they held his hand and the doctor was able to just pull the skin apart (if any of you are wondering what procedure this is it is on his little boy parts and his circumcision scared wrong so we have to reshape things, usually by cutting it)- so yeah he didn't have to get cut and there was no blood and best of all Carson didn't even cry. I was so relieved and happy, now we just have to put Vaseline all over it four times a day for four weeks and hope it doesn't reattach so we don't have to do that again. Thanks for all the prayers. It couldn't have gone any better!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Who knew a boy could love a cloth diaper so much. Both of my boys have "spitties"/cloth diapers that they carry around with them and take with them to sleep every night. Other than sometimes being a huge germ fest they are super convenient for me... they wipe up noses, slobber, and are a huge comfort for the occasional naps in the car of cry fests. I just put Cohen down for a nap and he just came out crying and saying "where is my spitty?" So I put him back to bed and found his spitty in his covers and he says "momma you found it... thank you mama thank you" as he curls up to it and closes his eyes. Are you kidding me!?!!! Steve said he had said this to him the other night when we were bribbing him to stay in bed by taking away his spitty and when Steve gave it back that is what he said to him too. That kid cracks me up- my heart skips a beat every time he says something so cute like that. As for Carson, he just covers half his face with his spitty and grabs it with both arms and hugs it and falls asleep- I know ... kids are so awesome!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look Whose 10 Months Old Today!!!

Some things about Carson:

-He is very wiggly and squirmy and wants to grab at everything

- Although he is so curious and busy he still won't crawl, he can now push up on his hands and turn 180 degrees but not close to crawling.

- He loves to walk around the house while you hold onto his hands- then when he gets to where he wants to go he sits down- it is so cute.

- He has 2 bottom teeth and the upper 2 are almost through-yeah!

-He can clap, shake his head no- not on purpose, say dada...mama and nana, he also never puts toys in his mouth just his hands.

- He LOVES Cohen- Cohen can do no wrong in his eyes- steal a toy sure no problem. They are so cute together and Cohen is actually really awesome with Carson.

- Carson goes to bed around 6:30 pm and is up at 6-6:30 am, he is still eating once at night and it was a lot of work to get him to do that.

- He loves bath time with daddy- they laugh and play together and Carson starts shaking his arms when daddy comes home from work- so fun to hear.

We adore our little guy- he is a lot of work, but a lot or fun!

We ate lunch outside because he wouldn't look at me to eat he was too obsessed with Cohen playing outside- so I just moved us outside and he was so excited. It was cold still, but he didn't care!

We Failed

Okay so the word FAILED is a little dramatic. At the time that is how I felt. We went on our first family vacation all by ourself to Zions National Park. You all know when you travel with children it is more work to do laundry, clean your house and pack half your house before you even go. But we were in the car before you know it and the boys did awesome. We went to St. George and met up with one of my best friends and her cute little family (pics below). We went out to lunch and then hung out with them for a while. Then we headed to the park. We got there late afternoon and decided to go to the visitor center before going to dinner. Well while we were there Cohen was complaining that he got something in his eye and wouldn't stop rubbing it. Well it swelled up huge... I mean HUGE and so we didn't go to dinner and I went back to the hotel with Carson and Steve took Cohen to an instacare 30 minutes away. They said he had some kind of allergic reaction and to take Benadryl to help with the swelling. On the way home he started coughing so hard and then wheezing so bad. We were worried about him going into respiratory distress because he was sucking air in so hard. Needless to say our night was awful- we tried really hard to stick it out but after being up every 30 minutes for both of us, Steve with Cohen and me with Carson we were done. It was 6 am and we were so tired and we were like we're done! We threw everything into suitcases and left. We were both so bummed out... we were so excited to go and we never even went into the park. Cohen was still just as bad and so we made it to the doctors at 11:45 am and both boys did great again on the trip. Cohen had ear infections in both ears still so now we are on a different antibiotic. Of course our best friend the nebulizer came into play again every 4-6 hours ( actually every 2-3 because he was SOOO BAD). And Singulair for the next 3-4 weeks everyday for allergies- awesome! He fortunately got 90% better on Sunday and so life is better. Cohen is so worth it and someday we will go back- but I might just take the medicine cabinet with me- haha! The cool thing was that Steve actually brought his oil with him and was able to give Cohen a blessing, this is cool because it is on his work keys and he had a feeling to bring it with him- Someone was watching out for us even though things didn't go as planned. As for the whole failing thing- we tried to tough it out but there was no medical attention unless we went to the E.R. in St. George and since we were only 4 1/2 hours away from home well it was better- I was totally bummed but what do you do? Now I want to hear if anyone elses vacations failed or if it just happens to me?
As for what Cohen was allergic to we don't know. It could have been dogs, or something in the park. It could have been an asthma attack- we don't know- they are just treated the same. The picture of him below is him doing the Wheels on the bus go round and round- he learned it in his music class- he is too cute!

Here is Cohen and Jimmy planning with Jimmy's "toys". He was so good to Cohen and Cohen just warmed right up to him. He also helped Cohen play fetch with their 3 beautiful... big dogs- Cohen loved them!
Mommy's and babies.
Mandy is the best- she has influenced me a lot in life, we went to High school together and worked together for a long time! This is their adorable daughter Rayah who might I say looks so dang cute sucking on that water bottle! Thanks for hanging out Mandy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Boys

Sorry I have been slacking, but I really haven't taken very many pictures lately. So on Sunday I asked Steve to take some pictures of the boys. They play so well together and love each other. They are both pretty happy boys for the most part.
Of course our Carson is all smiles- he is so happy and fun. Still not crawling, but he's thinking about it. I always knew my boys were going to be opposites. So I am predicting now that Carson is totally going to be destructo-boy. Seriously, he is not so mobile now but when he is he is going to be into everything- I am sure there will be lots of posts about him. He will be smiling and happy as he is doing it though!
Cohen is at such a cute stage right now. He is talking up a storm- and is saying the cutest things. He sings primary songs all the time and it just melts the heart strings. Monday I went and bought new bedding (thanks honey) and I said Cohen do you like this one and he says "it is so pretty mama"- what!!! It was so freaking cute. I take him to a Kindermusik class every Tuesday which he loves. He cracks us up and has such a cute big smile!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Listening to the BYU Game

Too many kisses!

Crazy kiddo- Always some kind of toy in his hands!

The BYU basketball game was not on one of our cable channels and so I walk past our bedroom to see Steve laying at the end of our bed- I was like okay why is he napping that way and then I realized the TV was on but it wasn't the TV it was the radio (it would have been really weird if the TV was on because once again he was facing the wrong way). Anyway he was listening to the basketball game and he had Cohen come on the bed with him. Surprisingly enough Cohen laid next to him for several minutes- it was so cute- so we all hung out on the bed for awhile- when I say all of us Carson was napping- just so I don't leave him out!