Friday, November 16, 2012

The Wildlife Museum

So much has happened in our life recently and where I wasn't a great blogger then I am definitely worse now- haha! So we moved to St. George Utah towards the end of October for Steve's job! One of the first things we had to do was go to the Wildlife Museum ( which is the reason Cohen was okay moving here). My sweet mom came and stayed for the week and unpacked and organized my whole kitchen..... need I say lifesaver. Anyways, she was so nice to buy us an annual pass so we can "go whenever we want to"says Cohen. They have a really fun kids club for Saturdays that he has been going to and they learn about a new animal each week- he LOVES it! Here are a few pictures of the first visit we made....
 They give the kids all binoculars to borrow to look at the animals- they love it!
 I love this kids smile

 After you tour the museum which is a huge room filled with different habitats and taxidermy animals from all over the world then they get to go into the play area where they can dress up and play on this fort thing- I just loved both of these pictures, such funny kids!