Thursday, March 6, 2014

Valentine's Day

This was the first year that the boys needed to make Valentine's boxes for school- and man are they a lot of work! I got both of these ideas on pinterest (thank you pinterest for helping me with my uncraftiness). Carson made a dragon and Cohen made a giant Lego- they were so cute!

 We had a yummy lunch with heart shaped sandwiches  ( see those pretty roses in the background- those are from the three adorable boys in my life :)

 The boys both got to open their presents and cards in the morning and had so much fun! They also both had Valentines parties for school! Instead of going out to eat (which is always crazy) we like to make a fun dinner for the boys! We had their favorite heart shaped pizza and for dessert we dipped strawberries in chocolate fondue! I would say the candle lit picnic we had was just a fun genius idea, but really my table was so covered in Legos that they had started building that morning that it was almost more of a necessity then fun- just keeping it really here people! But it turned out to be a blast! Who doesn't want to have a candlelit picnic?

Ah look at the 3 people I love the most in the world….. followed by all of you reading this blog!