Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cohen is 3

We woke up to about 16 inches of snow this morning and so Steve spent most of the morning plowing our driveway! The morning started off with donuts cut into a dinosaur shape and then he finished opening his present- I say finished because last night when we got home Steve looked over at Cohen and he was opening his present and he goes "I am opening my birthday present". He totally saw what he got - so instead of waiting for his party we let him set up his new dinosaur train toy in the morning! Then it was church! He loves nursery and the teacher said how good of a singer he was- she said he sings Frosty the Snowman really well! It is so cute because if you tell him happy birthday or sing it to him he say "Ahhh tanks"- totally serious- it is so cute!

My baby turned 3 today! he has been so excited for his birthday- literally been counting down for weeks! He loves the show dinosaur train and so we did a dinosaur train party for him! This is the cake that my mom made for Cohen- it was seriously amazing and tasted even better than it looked! It even had a jello pond and stream- I know- awesome! When Cohen saw them come in he was so excited for his cake!
We ate lots of yummy pizza and yummy food and then opened lots of fun presents!
Then it was birthday cake time- he was so excited to blow out his candles- it took him a couple of tries but he got it! and was so proud of himself!
He got this adorable teepee from Grandma and Grandpa Brough- he immediately loved it- and all the kids piled in-haha! Later they set it up in his room and last night at the dinosaur museum we bought him glow in the dark stars to go on his ceiling- and so he sat in his teepee and said he was camping with the stars- so funny!
As Cohen was getting a bath Steve told him he needed to go to bed and he said he "wanted to stay on his birthday"- I wish we could! It was a fun and special day! I love my Cohen- with the sassy attitude and sweet personality! He is always saying something so cute and he is very smart! I love my little man! Happy Birthday Pal!

Also as a side note: we drove past the temple last night and we said hey Cohen look at the temple- are we going there someday? And he said yes and I am going to see Jesus- and we said yeah- because that's where he lives of course. And then he said "and Jesus is coming to my party-because he is nice" Seriously love this kid!!!

Dinosaur Museum

Yesterday we went to the dinosaur museum for Cohen's birthday eve! He loves dinosaurs and so we did a dinosaur party for him. Well a couple of months ago I took him when it was super cheap and of course it was super crowded so I was excited to take him when it was less crowded. My parents and brother came with us too. Cohen had a great time!
Cohen and Carson got to dig for dinosaur bones at a dig site! Carson mostly just flicked sand everywhere!
This is a really cool sand and water table where kids can make dams and then flood areas with water! carson loved splashing and playing with the sand and Cohen loved to help build up barriers and then make a river!

It was so much fun! Both of the boys really loved it! And Cohen loved the t-rex bones- as he calls them! We then followed up the museum with Olive Garden and then playing at Grandma and Grandpas house! Could a day get any better!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Brother Is Home!!!!!!

We have been so excited to see my brother Craig! He came home from his mission to Paraguay yesterday! My parents actually flew there to pick him up! They had a great trip with a lot of amazing experiences!
Here he is coming down the escalator!
Here are the three of us kids! I love my sister and brother so stinking much!
Here is all of us at the airport! They were supposed to arrive at 1:40 pm and Steve woke me up about 6:30 with a text saying they were arriving at 9:15 am! I was in a panic all morning- we were rushing and running- and then they got in 30 minutes early! Fortunately it took then a while to pull up to the tarmac so we all made it and actually waited for awhile. We were all so happy to see him! He got to see Carson for the first time- that was fun and Cohen had been talking about Uncle Craig all day!
Here's us "pretending" to see Craig so we could get a picture! Holly seriously cracks me up because as soon as they snapped the picture this was her pose- We seriously couldn't stop laughing!!

We all then went to brunch at IHOP- it was so fun to get to visit and hear some stories! I took the kids home for naps because they were both losing it on me! Poor Cohen woke up with 101.5 fever- so they ended up staying home with Steve, eating pizza and watching Beauty and the Beast while I went to go visit some more with my family! It turned out to be a pretty amazing day full of tears and hugs and amazing stories!

Love you Craig- so glad you are home!

Trick or Treating

We went trick or treating at my dad's office! it was so fun- the boys just love grandpa! They got dressed up and had their baskets ready to go!
He loves freedom!

They were so happy to be there! And they got so much candy! Thanks for inviting us dad!
Cutest bat and pumpkin of all time!

Halloween Party

I decided to throw the boys a friend Halloween party! Cohen was so excited and jumping up and down when his friends came over in their costumes. Like I said he loves halloween. It was totally crazy and totally fun! We ate lunch consisting of mummy pizzas and apples and caramel dip. And for dessert- halloween shaped donuts- can you tell they were a hit!
The kids all got a little treat bag that they decorated with stickers
Carson loved the food- the loved having all the kids over too!
Here is most of the kids- some of them were off playing in Cohen's room- I didn't care as long as they had fun! How can a kid resist a whole room full of toys? We played a bean bag toss game, a pass the pumpkin game and we read Halloween books! They were all so cute! I think it was a success!

Look Who's 33

On Oct. 25 th my sweetheart turned 33! I have to say he is totally the best husband and father! I love this man! We had a fun party with all of the family- Cohen has been excited all week for his birthday!
Carson was loving all having everyone over! And he love this card that Heather and Danny gave to Steve- lets just say last week I finally had to rid of that thing because it was driving us nuts!
The entertainment for the night as WWF wrestling by Jackman! We seriously couldn't stop laughing! Danny was laying on the floor and Jackman would run from down the fall and jump on him and then he would stand on the ottoman to get some height and jump on him! It was seriously so funny- Danny was such a good sport!
Here he is the birthday boy himself- he is so handsome! I tried to make his birthday relaxing for him! I made him homemade poptarts for breakfast and then his favorite spareribs for dinner. My mom made a delicious cake! He had a great birthday! Love you honey!

Look at that Train!

Cohen is so funny and Carson and Cohen are little buddies! They fight- oh boy do they have sibling rivalry but they also play together and it is so cute! I brought out the boys chairs and I thought Carson would enjoys them for the first time- and he did! Cohen was the conductor of course and this is him moving his arm and saying choo choo! Carson was happy to play along!

The Pumpkin Patch

The day we got back from Boise we decided to do family night at the pumpkin patch and pick out our pumpkins. This was Oct. 11th and Cohen was in full gear Halloween mode- he loves Halloween!

I am sure my parents were sick of us by this point but they can't get enough of these boys! They are so good to us and they are awesome grandparents!
Picking out the perfect pumpkin!
Cohen still talks about the yellow wagon- they loved the wagon ride!

We the pumpkin patch tradition! We had so much fun!

Our Fun Boise Trip

For some reason every fall I have an itch to go and visit my grandparents. I think it is all of the fun memories made around the holidays. So my mom and I took the kiddos on a Wednesday up there and then Steve and my dad came up on Friday!
It was a party! We had so much fun and my grandparents and parents always spoil my kids so much. We shopped and played and ate- and when I mean ate I mean that my grandma constantly has good food out all day long! She is the best hostess ever- and you at least gain 10 lbs. everytime you visit!
Oh that Carson! He has no sense of portion control- he just shoves his mouth so full until he gags himself and ends up having to spit out all of his food- you think he would learn!
One night we all roasted marshmallows and made smores and I just have to say that I love my husband so much- he is such and geek and makes me laugh- so funny Steve!
It was all we could do to keep Carson from jumping into the fire- he cried and cried like we were seriously depriving him from the best thing on earth or something!

It was a great trip and the boys did great! We had so much fun and no one got sick and everyone slept pretty well! It was a huge success!