Friday, December 23, 2011

What My Helpers Are Doing Right Now

I thought I would post about an everyday thing. Steve is so sweet and our boys really love to help (for now at least). Steve went out to shovel our driveway and both boys wanted to help!
Steve had bought them their own snow shovels-what great little helpers!

It ended in sippy cups full of hot chocolate and new outfits (and freezing little hands of course). But I love little everyday moments like this one!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween is so much fun- our boys really enjoy this holiday and we really try to make it fun! This year both boys were matching t-rex dinosaurs- so cute! I had them wear the same costume because they both love dinosaurs so much I couldn't let one be a t-rex and not the other!
We did our 2nd annual Halloween party with the boys friends and it was too much fun. As with last year Cohen requested mummy pizzas and pumpkin donuts. We played games and broke a pinata! I think all of their little friends are just too cute! We also enjoyed the ward trunk or treat, Carson's kindermusik Halloween party, and Cohen's costume parade and Halloween party at preschool!

Cute Rylee
Cute Josh- love that face
Josh and Ella make anything super fun.... can you tell!

Watching a Halloween movie waiting for mom's to pick them up
My lifesaver/helper (MOM)
Super fun Jackman

Yummy food

Carson's kindermusik class- this sweet girl won Carson's heart! He kept going over to her and hugging her and wanting to hold her hand (should I be worried?) Anyway she was so sweet to let him hang out with her!
T-REX #1
T-REX #2

We had a wonderful holiday! The highlight was my 2 little t-rex's roaring around my house- too cute!

Steve's Birthday

Steve's birthday is of course October 25th.... that's right.... I am so on top of blogging lately! Anyway- I had to blog about this because he is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Seriously the best husband and greatest dad! I love you Steve!
He had to work on his birthday this year so the boys and I stole him for lunch and took him to CPK! It was lots of fun!
I also made his favorite breakfast that morning- homemade poptarts!
We celebrated his birthday as a family the Sunday before his birthday! We had a french toast bar which doesn't sound amazing but it WAS! Seriously I made the Our Best Bites puffed french toast (which is deep fried and covered in cinnamon sugar)- YUM! Then we topped off the sugar overload with more sugar- cake and ice cream. I was waiting for someone to kill over dead from a heart attack.... but we all survived!
Yep that's my man! Such a goof ball!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lola is here!

October 14th Lola made her appearance! She was 6 lbs. 14 oz.! And the cutest little baby girl ever- we are all in love! Of course Heather was 5 days late- Lola was just too cozy!
So I am the worst photographer ever but here are some pictures of her first day!
Daddy Danny giving her her first bath
I know awesome action shot

Lola getting poked and prodded... why is coming into this world so painful? Danny was tough through it all!

Getting to be snuggled with her mommy Heather- I love how she is staring right at Heather!
Love at first sight
Cute little family!
And can I just point out that I NEVER looked that good after having a baby! Yep I am totally jealous!

I am sure you will be seeing lots of pictures of this little angel! She is just so sweet!

P.S. Cohen may have asked me where baby Lola was going to sleep in our house. I had to tell him well she isn't our baby she is aunt Heather and uncle Danny's baby...... "oh" he said! So cute! I don't know if he thought she was ours or what but I thought it was sweet..... and I am glad she is not- I get to sleep at night- hehe!

Field trip to the fire station

Cohen had his first field trip to the fire station here is West Jordan! He LOVED IT and so did Carson! This also happens to be the fire station we went to on Carson's 1 year birthday since they were the ones who helped deliver Carson!
Cohen of course now wants to be a fire fighter!
Carson was a little star struck! The fire men were all so nice and talked to the kids and let them play on the equipment and they would pick them up and talk to them!

That's right I missed the memo of wearing the school shirts-oops... next time for sure!
I am seriously loving his preschool they do the cutest things with the kids- look at part of his cute class... and Miss Star in the corner- love her! She is the loud quirky, dance with the kids type and Miss Dani who I don't have a picture of is the soft spoken, sweet, loving type who says things like "There is my sweet boy" to Cohen! They are the perfect combo!
They all got to "steer" the fire truck
It was such a fun day-We all loved it! We of course finished the day off by playing with every fire truck in our house- and then going to Target and looking at every fire truck there! It ws a good day!