Thursday, April 28, 2011


Isn't this adorable! I am so excited that Cohen is at that super fun age of playing sports- when I say play I really mean running around on a field with reckless abandon.... but he is really cute in his soccer uniform!
Here are his biggest fans cheering him on the side lines...
He is #10 and his team is the blue jays... he randomly says " rah rah rah bluejays"- his teams cheer- so cute!
He does pretty well until the second half and then he is done playing, but other than that he loves it.... it's that short attention span!
I love watching 3 and 4 year old soccer, all you see is a herd of children around the soccer ball and then random kids picking grass and randomly running in the opposite direction- it is so entertaining... I should start bringing popcorn!

I have to mention this: Cohen was practicing before the game and he kicked it into the goal and so I was cheering him on and he shielded his eyes and looked at me and said " mom is that you" and then he ran over to me and said " it's so great to see you"........ I know right..... I can't stop laughing either...sigh! Kids are so funny!

Ridgecrest Part 2

So what do you do in Ridgecrest? Let me tell you.... you buy $1 water bottles and fill them up with water and let the boys have at it! They spent a lot of time just playing with water bottles! I love how easily entertained little boys are!

Then they turned onto each other and they were both so wet by the time they were done! We also played lots of games, did a puzzle, had a really fun girls night/baby shower for my cousin's super cute wife Emily- it was such a blast! Steve took some pictures, Steve and I went out to lunch and we just had fun making memories with my sweet grandma! The trip was a blast!

Ridgecrest Part 1

We took a trip last year to Ridgecrest California to visit my cute Grandma Christiansen and we had so much fun that we decided to do it again this year. It was nice to get away from cold Utah and enjoy some sunshine. Although Ridgecrest isn't necessarily scenic it is full of fun memories and a lot of my family. We would go there a lot growing up and I love to visit! (And so does my hubby because there are so many great places to take pictures- check out his photo blog). Anyway, there is not a lot to do there but one thing we always do is get Thrifty ice cream and the local Riteaid- I know fun right! Look for yourself....

Even Steve had fun..... oh wait... it's Steve.... if he has any type of dessert he is happy!
Same with Carson- like father like son!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hopefully the Last Snow of the Season

Every time it snows Cohen asks Steve to build a snowman with him, but it is always on a day Steve has to work and I really don't enjoy cold so let's just say I am not super motivated to spend and hour outside in snow. Anyway... it's spring now and we got a decent snow storm so Steve took the boys out to build a snowman..... the first one this year!
Carson doesn't like snow either... hmmm who does he sound like? So he stayed outside because we gave him bubbles!
They had so much fun and Cohen loved his snowman!

What cute bundles of joy!


Any time there is no snow and a decent temperature outside I let the boys play outside! Usually it's with their bubble guns or their jeep and fire truck from Christmas!
Now Carson says "bubu" for bubbles like everyday- he loves it and screams when you take it from him to come inside.
I love doing things outside. Cohen has also been playing "soccer" which consists of him kicking a ball in the yard until it hits a fence- he's getting the idea!
And my little helper..... or the lack there of- it's the thought that counts right?!
He just ends up dragging dirt all over my carpet, but he is trying to be so helpful!