Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coming to an end... until the next vacation

I think these are from Friday night- aren't uncle Danny and aunt Heather so fun! We were waiting for my parents to go on Grizzly rapids and while we wait we of course have to make down time fun!
Carson LOVES uncle Danny!
We did it! Cohen was so brave and rode everything he possibly could- this in front of a huge bear statue !
Love my boys!
This was the last day- we didn't have tickets to the park so we went to downtown disney and shopped for last minute stuff and had a blast- then we flew back home to 30 degree weather! I wish we had taken more pictures because we did so many things- we literally had a blast!

Other honorable mentions: churros, fun rides, fun shirts-pins-and toys, astro blaster competitions, yummy treats, lunch at the Blue Bayou, all the great train rides so our feet could relax, happy smiles and laughs, being together for a week, Cohen was potty trained and had no accidents- this was a huge blessing for me, amazing luck- Cohen got everything in his favorite color orange....the orange car... the orange dumbo- everything, no sickness, the world of color!

And best news of all my sister found out she was pregnant the week after- yeah a new kiddo in the family we can't wait!

Thank you Dad and Mom for an amazing trip and fun memories made!

Mickey's House

The first thing we did Thursday was go to the Mad Hater and bought hats- we called it crazy hat day- so if you look at pictures of us and ask why are they wearing crazy hats- that's why! We went to Toon Town and that's where all the characters live! We saw Goofy and of course gave him lots of hugs!

Then we toured Mickey's house and at the end you get to meet Mickey- of course the boys loved it and Carson was hugging Mickey and he would bury his face in him and kiss him- so cute! And Cohen was good at posing- he would walk to a character and turn around and pose- so cute!
That's right- crazy hat day! I love my family!

More Fun

It was nice because every one wanted to be together- so we went on all the kids rides and would mix in "big kid" rides in between! Here is all of us on the spinning lady bug ride- I was seriously dizzy- I thought this was a kid ride!
Look at all these happy faces!
Us having a great time- and look empty arms! It was fun to have every one's help with the boys- Steve and I had free hands a lot and the boys loved all of the attention!
California adventure was so fun Cohen was so easy and would nap in his stroller everyday ..... Carson would not! That is why there is no Cohen in the picture above- like I said Carson loves all the characters even the big blue monsters!
Look how cute these boys are! Carson wouldn't wear his Mickey ears for too long, but I am glad we got a picture because they both look so cute!
I also have to give a shout out to our stroller- I know this is dumb but this thing was awesome! We packed everything in it and the boys could nap in it and it was nice to not haul all of our shopping bags (yes we had lots- like I mentioned we all got so spoiled)!

Character Breakfast

My parents (who spoiled us all rotten by the way) took us to a character breakfast with Mickey and friends! Let's just say it was a huge hit and so yummy!
Stitch was there since it was a surfs up theme- what a character, Cohen wasn't so sure about him!
Who doesn't love Pluto- Carson was in heaven!
Every fifteen minutes or so the characters would all come out and you could go and sing and dance with them- it really was so fun! Then the characters would come around to the tables and hug the kids- it was so much fun!
The whole gang! Look at us all in our t-shirts and shorts- ahhh I miss that weather! Aren't we a cute bunch! It was so much fun spending time as a family!

The Happiest Place On Earth

We drove to the airport in a blizzard, we were excited to leave the snow- here are the boys watching out for our airplane!
We made it to beautiful, sunny California! It was 77-82 degrees and sunny- I know even I am jealous of the weather we got! T-shirts and shorts for us! We stayed at the Fairfield across the street- we didn't even make it past the lobby before Carson was excited to see Mickey- here he is hugging and kissing a Mickey statue in the hotel- funny boy!
The first thing we did when we got to the park was take the train all the way around and look at all the stops. We got off and went to go and see Winnie the Pooh and Tigger- it was a good thing because they shut down that area the next day! Cohen and Carson both loved Pooh and Tigger and Carson would squeal and run and hug them- Cohen was a little more timid but also hugged them- so cute!
That day we went on several rides like Pirates and Haunted mansion and we went out to dinner! After that the boys and I were so tired and my mom came with us back to the hotel and on our way we stopped and went to some shops and on our way to the hotel we saw Mickey and the boys were in heaven.....
....until we left Mickey- poor Carson is devastated every time. Steve, Craig, Danny, and Heather stayed later and went on Space Mountain like 4 times in row- oh yeah that's the other thing the longest ride we waited for was like 40 minutes , but most of them we just walked on- awesome!