Friday, June 27, 2014

Thanks Sherine

My sweet visiting teacher also happens to be a photographer. She was so sweet to offer to come take pictures of Carson's birthday party. She says it's so nice not to have to carry a camera around and just be able to enjoy the moment- it was so true! And I absolutely loved the pictures she took. I am so grateful for her thoughtfulness and for sharing her talents!
 The Cake
 The gifts
 He is so excited
 There was a little breeze which made it really hard to light/blow out candles

 Loved how she took pictures of all of his little friends 
here is Sarah and Aubrey


 Yep that's chocolate frosting on his hat- oh little boys
 Big brother
 McKay and Benson
 Boots- yep how cute is his name
 Cale- "I mustache you a question"- haha what a stud!
 Lola and Dan the Man (yes that is what his shirt says)
 Carson was so excited for his gifts

 5 years old can you believe it??
 Absolutely adore this picture- he's trying to hit the piñata

 Go Cohen

 He was successful- look at all that loot

 Love how she captured his personality, full of fun and such a goofball

 My sweet girlfriend Meridee
 And my favorite sister in the whole world!!
My sweet hubby! He is always such a big help for these crazy parties that I plan- he just goes with the flow and takes orders- haha!
Such a fun birthday party and best of all he was so happy. Don't you love to see your kids perfectly happy? Those, my friends, are the best moments in life!

Carson's 5th Birthday Party

Carson really wanted a Lone Ranger Birthday Party! It was really fun to scour Pinterest and figure out some fun things to do. I found this really cute campfire cake and it happened to be really simple!

 Carson of course had to wear his Lone Ranger costume- man we have had good use out of that thing!
 We had a BBQ menu with hotdogs, corn on the cob, grape skewers, and chips!
 This is one of my favorite pictures- their faces are so cute!

 I had fun decoration the table

 One of our games was a shooting range. the others were pin the silver on the mine, toss the snakes into the cowboy hat and a cowboy boot piñata- Carson was in heaven