Sunday, March 23, 2008

My First Easter

It is my first Easter. Cohen was really good all day today. We put on his new shorts this morning and opened presents- and took lots of pictures. Grandma and Grandpa Brough got Cohen an Easter book that we read like 6 times today because he loved it so much- he kept trying to grab it and hit the pages. Steve and I got him some toys and Grandma and Grandpa Bowers got him 101 Dalmations and a toy. Steve has been sick so we did not do much for Easter, but we had a good time together.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm 4 Months Old Today

Today Cohen turned four months old. Steve and I were recording him today and decided to watch the video we previously took of him. I can't believe how big he is and how much he has changed since he was born. He is so much fun. Today's big accomplishment-- Cohen rolled over-yeah!!! He did it 5 times- we were both there to see it and we were both so excited, good job little buddy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Grandma Brough

Cohen got to meet his Grandma Brough a few weeks ago when we went to Tulsa. He's not a very social baby, so it took him awhile to warm up to everyone. But by the time we left he really loved his grandma. Here is a picture of her holding Cohen and she got him to go to sleep! The thing she says she misses is his squeal- and boy can this baby squeal-  if she really misses it she can take him home while he does it. But Cohen loves to smile and laugh with her it is pretty sweet. We had a great time with Steve's parents and sister's family. We appreciate all they do for us!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blow Outs!

So Cohen pretty much has a blow out every day. Here is a picture of him after he just blew out his super cute outfit. Steve always holds him far away like he has a plague. I love the look on his face here- it's like he's saying something just happened in my pants. I feel bad for our next boy because all his outfits are going to be stained.

Look what Mom did to Me

While we were in Tulsa Cohen kept scratching his face so I decided to cut his nails, which I usually do while he is sleeping for this reason. I cut his finger- no gashed his finger I guess because he was bleeding for what seemed like forever. So to make me feel more guilty Steve had to take pictures of Cohen and his battle wound.

Friday, March 14, 2008

He's Getting Big

Our baby boy is about sixteen weeks now- we can't believe it! We have been through a lot. The last 3 days he has been sick with a cold. His first one- so I think I'm taking it worse than him. Right now it is 8:45 at night and he is on my lap watching me type because he is having a hard time going to sleep (he can't breathe or something I don't know?). He is so fun we can get him to start laughing so hard- it cracks us up. He loves to grab at everything. It is so fun to watch him grow and develop. He's got these big blue eyes that are to die for- he pretty much gets what he wants when he looks at us with those baby blues.