Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our 10 Year Anniversary Trip

 For our anniversary this year we wanted to go on a fun trip just the two of us. My sweet mom came and stayed with the boys while we went on a 5 day trip to Mexico!
 All I wanted was a good book and a beach- seriously we spent everyday by the ocean- it was so relaxing!
 We went shopping
 and ate lots of food
 And look- I got a lot of book time!

 We went to Tulum and then to this eco water park place- I can't remember the name but seriously how fun!
 We went tubing down this natural lazy river- so fun!

 Tulum was beautiful- so incredible!

 Steve and I took this taxi to a cute little shopping town by our resort- they had really cool sand sculptures there.

I love this great guy! He's is my perfect match and I LOVE him!!! Can't wait to be with him for another 10 years!

May 2015

May was a very busy month for us this year. Steve and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary a little early with a trip to Mexico! We had both boys have lots of fun end of school activities. Carson had his 6th birthday and we remodeled their room!
 Here is Carson's super cute kindergarten program- he had a lot of fun learning all of these songs. This poor kid thought it was the last day of kindergarten (they had 2 weeks left) and he seriously cried when he "graduated" and the whole way home!

 Our sweet Mrs. Ybright!
 We were both crying in this picture- seriously how did that go so fast?
 Carson's friend Brigham
 Brynlee gave Carson her present to make him feel better- he's was a sobbing, crying mess!!
 He got to go to Texas Roadhouse and sit on the saddle to celebrate kindergarten graduation!

 Grandma bought the boys Kendamas- she was here to watch the boys while we were on our trip!
 The boys have been in a music program this whole last year called Let's Play Music and it is so amazing and their teacher is just the best! This was at the end of the year recital

 There is Mrs. Rachel- she is the best and also a very dear friend of mine!

 This was Cohen at his Readers Cafe- he seriously is such a cute boy! We went around and listened to these cute kids read books that they have been practicing and they wrote a "menu" all about their book- so cute!

 Here is the boys remodeled room- we love it! We did a lot of fun vintage National Parks posters and the boys got bunk beds- they love them!

 Our sweet friends Came down for Mother's Day weekend and had dinner with us on Mother's Day! We have been friends with them since our kiddos were super little! We love that we are still such close friends with he Suttons! Shelly has been one of those friends who constantly inspires me- love her!

 Looking through daddy's photo albums

 Last day of school! I have so much love and gratitude for these teachers

 Last day of school was a busy one! Cohen had a pancake breakfast at school, our Primary had a welcome to summer popsicle party, and it was Carson's birthday party!!
 We went to Fiesta Fun to play laser tag and he wanted a Lego Indiana Jones theme- thank you Pinterest for the cake idea- it was fun to make!
 I think it's funny to see the boys licking the beaters in the background- haha!

 I can't believe my baby is 6- so crazy!

 Make those boys work- they are great helpers and always pull weeds for us- we pay them in popsicles!
 And it's baseball season- Steve coached again this year and is always amazing. I love the picture below- a boy and his dad!