Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our 10 Year Anniversary Trip

 For our anniversary this year we wanted to go on a fun trip just the two of us. My sweet mom came and stayed with the boys while we went on a 5 day trip to Mexico!
 All I wanted was a good book and a beach- seriously we spent everyday by the ocean- it was so relaxing!
 We went shopping
 and ate lots of food
 And look- I got a lot of book time!

 We went to Tulum and then to this eco water park place- I can't remember the name but seriously how fun!
 We went tubing down this natural lazy river- so fun!

 Tulum was beautiful- so incredible!

 Steve and I took this taxi to a cute little shopping town by our resort- they had really cool sand sculptures there.

I love this great guy! He's is my perfect match and I LOVE him!!! Can't wait to be with him for another 10 years!

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Marilyn Bowers said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation!