Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Festivities

This year was so fun with the boys! The Christmas season was really magical! These pictures below are a family night we had with Rob and Holly and their family. We went to This is the Place Heritage Park- seriously one of the best Christmas activities I have ever done. They had a Father Christmas (Santa Claus) who was totally awesome and the boys just loved him. They had train rides which of course Carson loved. We got to see how the first Christmas card was made, watched a puppet show, did crafts, heard carolers, looked at lights, and had yummy treats. The best part though was the live nativity- seriously made you choke up it was so amazing! We had gone out to Ruth's diner for dinner right before that. And we had so much fun together- it was the perfect night!

These pictures below are of our visit to Santa at the mall! Carson was so excited. I wasn't sure how he was going to do this year but he loved it. He ran right up onto Santa's lap and told him he wanted a choo choo. Santa then asked if he wanted anything else and he said a "twrain"- can you tell he likes trains! Cohen asked for a fire station and police station! So cute!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cohen's 4th Birthday

We started the day off with every one having strep....yep that's my life! Thankfully my kids are so resilient and didn't act too sick but it was a bummer because we pretty much had to cancel his party. Thankfully we talked Grandma and Grandpa to still come and he had a really great party none the less.
It was a Scooby Doo party and once again my mom made an amazing cake.... a Scooby Doo graveyard!

We got him a blue guitar- such a cool dude!
He lost his breath when he got this fire truck from Grandma and Grandpa Brough

Uncle Rob did stop by real quick to give Cohen a Cosmo pillow pet. He loved it!
I really can't believe he is four. He is loving preschool and is such a smart boy. We are working on learning his letters. He has such a huge imagination and is always role playing. Lately it is lions.... we are all lions or some kind of big cat... too funny! He also now says prayers all by himself and says we aren't allowed to pray with him- cute. He loves the tv station sprout and loves to study books! He is such a joy to our family!

Best Buddies

One morning these two were so cute playing with each other that I couldn't stop taking pictures. I love every picture! They really do love each other (although they have their days)! Carson now is starting to talk to Cohen and they are playing even more together- so cute!

More Halloween

I keep finding more pictures of Halloween. And they are too cute not to post. So here is Cohen's Class party

And parade
Cutest skeleton ever