Monday, February 27, 2012

The Dinosaur Museum

Last weekend Steve went out of town for a photography trip and I was lucky enough to stay with the kids all weekend! They were wonderful......but all you moms know how long days get when your husband doesn't come home and give you a break- oh how it makes me appreciate that man! Anyway.... so Saturday morning I decided to take the boys to the dinosaur museum. We hadn't been there in over a year and they absolutely LOVED it (you know dirt to play in is a boys dream)! They loved playing with the water and sand (erosion part of the museum), then they also have a dig site where you can dig in the sand! We also got some fun stuff at the gift shop and then had lunch there! It was a great and fun way to spend our morning!

P.S. See how neither of them would look at me- oh I tried! They were just having so much fun that looking at mom for a picture was not on their priority list!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine's Day

Don't I have the cutest Valentine's Dates ever- I am so lucky! Carson had strep and was still contagious that day so he missed his Kindermusik Valentine's party- but luckily his little friend Harlow collected all his treats and made a special delivery to our house- it was so nice. Cohen had a great time going to his Valentine party and I felt bad that I couldn't go (but I don't think all those moms wanted a sick kiddo there). Of course he had eaten a whole donut and a cookie right before lunch- major sugar high. I bought them McDonalds for lunch and then it was so nice outside they actually went outside to play when....... Steve came home early and suprised me with flowers and had bought us a new mattress- bliss! Did I mention I love that man!
Then I made homemade poptarts for dinner and a chocolate fondue with strawberries- Cohen kept saying "this is a fun game" as he is dipping strawberries in ooey gooey chocolate.....mmmm!
Then we played Bingo and watched Lady and the Tramp!
It was a great day spent together (minus the sugar high fits), but I love this holiday and the fact that you get to focus on loving each other!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Train Show

At the South Towne Expo Center they had a train show where they had lots of cute train displays. Since one of my children is literally totally obsessed with trains (Carson) we had to go. It was super crowded but totally worth seeing their faces! They also had a Thomas train the kids could ride- can you see how hard Carson is concentrating- this is some serious stuff!

Steve and I seriously love nothing more than spending time with our boys- we love our little family!
P.S. Carson and Cohen were playing earlier that morning and Carson fell and hit his face in the door jam- hence the huge swollen lip- boy will be boys I guess- uh.... I am in so much trouble!