Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cohen's Stitches

So let me start off by saying that we started our Monday morning with flu shots. I had bought bribery and everything and we just got it over with because let's be honest no one likes flu shots. But they did great and I could finally stop stressing about it!
Well that night Steve was bathing the boys and he had gotten Carson out and was putting on his pjs when we hear a splash and then Cohen is screaming. Steve runs in and gets him out and then I run and his mouth is full of blood because he bit the top and bottom of his tongue. This I can handle..... I just put a wet wash cloth on it and made him rinse with cold water until the bleeding slowed down. Working in a dental office I knew that you can't do anything for a cut tongue except stop the bleeding so I was calm at this point. It was slowing down so I took him to our room to dry him off and he lifted up his chin and it was sliced open about 3/4 inch wide! That's when I lost it. I told Cohen he needed to go and see a doctor and he started bawling hysterically and saying I don't want a band aid (remember he just had a flu shot that morning so it was fresh in his mind).
I was not calm and Steve did great and he took him to the instacare and they put some numbing cream on him and made them wait for a long time. Steve was not very happy with the doctor. I guess Cohen was pretty upset but he was holding still and the doctor kept complaining that he was crying and it was hurting his ears. Also every time he tried to suture him Cohen would start crying and Steve kept telling him he thinks that it is hurting him and the doctor kept saying "oh no he just can't tell between the poke and touch". Let's just say Steve was on edge and let him have it. The nurse decided to numb him more with a shot and he felt the whole thing so it was hurting him the whole time. Finally (once Cohen was numb and Steve had yelled at the doctor to get in here and finish it....awesome) Cohen was so brave and didn't feel the stitches. So sweet he would close his eyes... that was his way of trying so hard to be brave!
After almost 2 hours it was over. Cohen was 2 hours late for bedtime and so tired and probably very sore! And poor Steve just needed some relaxation time!

Don't you think he deserved this! Afterwards Steve barely made it to Target before they closed. Cohen has had his eye on this thing for a while and we thought he deserved it for all he had been through that day.... and chocolate ice cream! He came home happy saying " I got a new toy"! Yesterday he seemed a little sore so I kept him on tylenol and by the end of the day he was eating normally- his tongue was pretty sore. He has been playing with his new toy for 2 days straight..... best distraction ever! I love how resilient kids are and how fast they heal. His stitches are looking great! And hopefully in a couple of days it will all be over!

As for Steve and I..... well we won't be winning any parent of the year awards any time soon..... maybe next year! It just reminds us of how grateful we are for healthy and happy kids! I love Cohen so much and he may be getting babied a lot, but I don't mind... he is my baby after all!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st day of Preschool

Cohen has been so excited for his first day of preschool! He picked out the outfit he was going to wear and I prepared him the best I could by letting him know what to expect! I took him inside and dropped him off and took some pictures and Miss Star helped him find his bag with his name on it and put a name tag on him! Then I showed him where he sits and then he immediately found a little people lion toy and he was a goner! I all of a sudden didn't exist and I knew he was going to do great! I left having mixed emotions (amazingly I didn't cry), but I was so nervous to leave him and yet so excited for all of the new things he was going to learn and the fun experiences he was going to have!
This is in the entry of the preschool Little Learners Academy
This is his seat! I don't know why he always gives me this cheesy smile?
Miss Star showing him where his bag is! Miss Star and Miss Dani are his teachers and they both seem to be amazing teachers!
And the lion! Need I say more!
See this cheesy picture- he is like okay you can go now I am done posing for pictures! Oh how I love him..... even with his cheesy smile!
He did great and I can't wait to see all of the things that he learns!

Labor Day

Yesterday was Labor Day and Steve had the day off! I don't love anything more than spending the day with all of us.... it seriously makes me so happy! First thing in the morning we packed up the kiddos and went to the zoo. We had a great time walking around and seeing all of the animals. Carson's favorite part of course was the train ride... he seriously threw a huge tantrum when we got off of the train (I had to console him with fruit snacks)! Then we went to eat lunch at Wingers and we invited Rob and Holly to join us- it was so fun to hang out with them! Then Rob and Holly took Steve and Cohen to a water park and Carson and I went home for nap time! Steve and Cohen had a great time ( thanks Rob and Holly ) and then we spent the rest of our day just hanging out! Thinking about today makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I feel less stress taking our boys out places because they are at a much easier age and they are so much fun!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Bear

In August we were able to go to my mom's family reunion in Big Bear California! My mom has 9 siblings in her family and all of them were there and tons of my cousins. It was so much fun to see everyone! We did lots of fun things. We went boating, the boys and Steve went on the alpine slide, went swimming, played games, ate yummy food, and shopped at this little village of shops! The boys of course got spoiled with ice cream from Uncle Gary and Auntie Denise.... I think they enjoyed it don't you!

We were lucky enough to fly there and the boys loved going on the airplane. We rented a car and trekked up the mountains...... it was CRAZY.... I seriously thought I was going to loose my lunch like 10 times. It was so beautiful and the boys loved playing outside, especially on the play ground- which of course Cohen just played in the sand..... he was in heaven! The weather was perfect and I think we all needed this fun family vacation!