Thursday, September 24, 2009

4 Months Old

Carson loves his bath time and cries until he gets one- around 6:30pm. He loves being naked.
We tried rice cereal for the first time today. He hated it- all the pictures we took are of me prying his hands out of his mouth and him with a "this is disgusting" face.
Doesn't hold up his head too well, but he gets an A for effort. Once again his hand is in his mouth- slobber everywhere.
He actually is a mama's boy, but he likes his daddy too. They have been having more bonding time together.
We tried his jumperoo the other day. He stands on his legs so well that he doesn't get the whole jumping aspect. And he doesn't really play with toys either- he is just learning how to grab toys. So all in all he could do with or without the jumperoo for now, but I will keep using it to free my arms for 5 minutes.

My baby is 4 months old today. So carson is 17+ pounds now- we will find out a final weight/height on Monday at his appt. He still gets fussy once in awhile, but is doing much better. For the most part he is a super happy baby. Just chubby and smily- and he won't keep his hands out of his mouth. He is teething- that's right at 4 months. He has an adorable laugh, and smiles a ton. 2 nights ago he slept through the night for his first time/ only time. He doesn't roll or stay on his tummy very long, but he can almost sit up by himself and stands a lot. We love our little bundle of joy. Happy 4 months baby!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Carson is wanting to sit up. He won't roll over but he wants to sit. So I bought him a Bumbo chair- lots of you have probably used these before- but they are pretty cool. What is sad is that Cohen can fit in it too and gets mad when Carson is in it because he thinks everything should be his.

I love these pictures of my little Carson. He is getting to be so much fun.

The last of our trip

Grandma's house is so fun. Cohen figured out that you can slide on wood floors. They have a toy closet which he loved, and balls outside.
Carson was just content to eat his hands. But he loves Grandma and Grandpa too.
We love visiting Tulsa. We are always so spoiled when we go. Thanks Jeff and Robin for letting us stay with you. And thanks mom and dad also for another super fun trip!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


At the mall in Tulsa they have this fun little play area. So Steve took Cohen to play while mom and I shopped. He was playing with other kids and climbing all over these toys. He was following this one little boy and he would say " hi"- so friendly. When the little boy left he gave Cohen a hug. Cohen loves pigs for some reason, so he would walk over to this pig and look at it and pet it. But he was occupied while we shopped. 

Jeffery with a G

Cohen really enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa Brough this trip. Here he is wrestling with grandpa- horse style. And the picture below is Grandma reading Cohen a book- he didn't really go to her before, but this trip he went to her a lot.

Robin don't kill me- but these pictures just make me laugh everytime I see them. My brother in law was dying my sister in laws hair. But he was so hilarious- he said his name was Jeffery with a G, but the G was silent so it was like Yeffery. And he was asking her questions like "So where are you from", "How long have you been living here", etc.- so funny!!!
Love grandma!! Thanks for spoiling me!

Having fun in Tulsa/Dallas

Jeremy playing with Cohen
I love my hands- they are so tasty

Max and Cohen playing catch

Aunt Jeri holding Carson

We went to Tulsa on Sept. 2nd, and got back on the 9th. It was a much needed and very fun vacation. On Thursday we spent the day at Utica square which is an outdoor shopping center with all the essential stores: Potterybarn, Potterybarn Kids, Williams and Sonoma, etc. I of course had a blast. I got Carson's halloween costume, drapes, and neighbor gifts for Christmas(be excited neighbors they are super cute). How we managed to pack and take everything home I don't know, but totally worth it.
Friday we headed to Dallas to Jeff and Robin's house. Four hour trip there, and the kids did great. We got to visit with lots of cousins and meet most of them for the first time. Max and Jeremy were especially fun- they played catch and became good buds. Cohen also discovered  Jeff and Robin's dog Tanner- sorry no pictures-poor dog was chased all over the house, feed his dog food one by one, and pretty much had it with us after 3 days. he was a good sport and Cohen would just giggle and laugh watching and playing with that dog.
Ries and Lexi were so sweet to us and Cohen- they are the most polite kids I have ever met! Carson- we he just hung out and chewed on his fist. He was pretty cranky by bed time, but did pretty well for the most part.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sacrament Cups

Okay no pictures, but I have the cutest story I want to remember. We have one of those thermometers that beeps in your ears with the plastic covers on them. So since there has been sickness in my house the thermometer is always out. 
Cohen thinks it is awesome and loves to make it beep. So he was in the living room playing with it and he likes to take the plastic cover off and then put it back on and say I did it- so proud of himself. 
So I walk into the room and he hands me the "cup" and says more water please. More water? He thinks it is the sacrament water cup and wants more water. So I had to humor him and I went and filled it up with water, so of course I had to do it like 10 times. But he got this huge smile on his face everytime. I love how much these cute innocent children remember- so sweet.

Hooked Up

So we bought Cohen a hat and ball at BYU. The next morning the first thing he did was put his hat on and played with his new ball. He is a pretty happy, fun-loving kid. He has been sick this past week with the coxsackie virus (ie. hand, foot and mouth disease). Super fun for all of us. Poor Cohen had blisters in the back of his throat- I never would have thought he was sick except for the 101.5 fever. But he was actually eating okay and running around like normal. So he was sick for about 5 days and now that is better and he has a cough. The last couple of days he started wheezing so today I had to take him to get his chest x-rayed. Thankfully my mom was there to help me because Cohen was not happy (past his nap time didn't help the situation). So we will get results sometime today. But he is such a sweet boy.
Funny story: so Cohen is at that awesome age where he is learning how to talk and is repeating everything you say. So today we were waiting to register for his x-ray at the hospital and this lady walks in and calls for her daughter Abby who is running away from her- so the next thing you know Cohen is standing by my mom calling out "Abby, Abby". We started laughing so hard because it was one of those super cute random things. Just teaches me that I need to be careful of what I say!!! Such a fun stage.