Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Day of School

Here is Cohen going into first grade. His teacher this year is Mrs. Edwards and she is perfect for Cohen- he is loving his class!

 Taking a little something for their teachers! Carson had the same teacher Cohen had let year, Mrs. Ybright, and she is amazing! She is also his afternoon teacher- yay!

I am so grateful for teachers- they do so much for our kids and both my kids have learned so much from them!

Monday, November 17, 2014

First day of Kindergarten

This sweet little guy started Kindergarten this year! I may have shed a few tears- but he has really adjusted well and has loved it. He has a lot of new little friends and comes home with a big smile on his face everyday!

A couple weeks ago his teacher pulled me aside and said that Carson is testing below average (this is not a surprise since he learns at his own pace), but she offered to place him in her afternoon class which helps kids "catch up"- so then we had to decide to put him in all day kindergarten which adds 4 more hours to his day. It was a hard decision, but we felt that it was the best thing for him. So we made the adjustment again and the last 2 weeks he has done all day kindergarten and has adjusted better than I thought he would!

Carson is such a happy, friendly boy and we love him so much!

First Day of 1st Grade

I can't believe this kiddo is in first grade all ready. A lot of things have changed for him in the past few months. In July he got new glasses- he loves them and I think he is pretty dang cute! He started all day school in August and it took some adjusting for him (and me) to get used to the schedule, but he is really enjoying it!

I just love this sweet kid! These pictures totally show off his totally goofy side- so cute!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


We were so blessed to be able to go to Tulsa and visit Steve's parents- not to brag or anything but I really lucked out in the in-law department! These pictures are a little out of order but so much fun going back through them and remembering all the fun we had!
 Flying takes a little longer now since we are in St. George- the boys sure loved it though
 The first day we went to the zoo..... and of course the first thing we did at the zoo was ride the train!

 And look even and toy train at the playground there
 Grandpa is the best
 Steve thought it would be a good idea to take the boys into an arctic storm simulator.... until the wind got up to about 80 miles per hour and Carson was crying- but Steve said it felt really good- haha!

 The next day we went to tour the Blue Bell creamery- it was seriously so amazing to learn how they make ice cream- I guess I never really think about the process it takes to make all the food we eat!

 Um I think we went to Chick Fil A like 4 days in a row- we are all big fans!
 Grandma bought the boys Mixels- they loved them

 More pictures at the zoo (see random :)

 This kid really likes running around without his shirt on and now at night they always ask to sleep in just shorts... um okay- I will never understand these boys
 My little builders

 Dad and Steve took the boys to Outdoor World (or something like that) while mom and I got pedicure and went shopping (did I mention I love my mother in law), and I think they were gone longer than us- they had so much fun!
 Cozy in their beds
Awww- love this picture

 One night we went to a baseball game- it was fun. By the 5th inning our team was losing and I think we were all done sitting on the grass

 Before the baseball game we had to eat at On the Border- it's Steve's favorite tex mex place and we don't have any here in Utah- so we love it!

 Look who has a loose tooth- that thing was dangling by a thread, but we were not allowed to touch it- haha!
 We were lucky enough to spend Father's Day there with my father in law. And how can I forget my own sweet hubby who is the greatest father to our two kiddos- he's the best

 The saddest part is saying good bye. We had a later flight so we went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2- which we all loved! We seriously had such a great time- sure love these people!
And the best was to end a trip is with losing a tooth on an airplane!! As Cohen put it " it's not everyday that you loose a tooth on an airplane"..... so true Cohen so true!!