Friday, September 21, 2012

Starting Preschool

A couple weeks ago both boys started preschool at Little Learners Academy. I can't believe both my kids are in preschool. Cohen is now going 3 days a week and Carson goes 2 days a week. Their teachers are so awesome, the boys love them.

 Little Cohen apparently is in the advanced class?!? We just went to orientation and they said welcome to the advanced class...... Steve and I just looked at each other and said is he in the advanced class? Of course he is- he is such a smart little boy and loves to learn.
 Look at that cute smile

 Carson is doing really well in preschool- I think it helps that he wants to do everything his brother does. For example, Cohen can be dropped off at preschool and walk to his classroom by himself, I have been to nervous to do that with Carson yet because I worry he wont find his way to his class room. But he was asking to be dropped off like Cohen so I did it and he did great..... I barely made it out without a heart attack! I can't believe how brave he has been!

Can't wait to see what this year holds!