Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cohen's Thanksgiving Feast

Cohen's cute little school had a really fun feast for Thanksgiving! All the younger kids dressed up like indians and the older kids dressed up like pilgrims! They had a huge feast- turkey, ham, pies the whole bit. The boys had lots of fun here are some pics!

After the feast Cohen and all the kids performed some cute songs- Cohen didn't know most of the words since he had only been attending there for a week- but he was adorable all the same!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

Steve had taken some really cute pictures of the  boys in their costumes but I don't have his camera/ wouldn't even known how to turn his camera on- let's be honest here! 
The pumpkin toss- Carson loved this game

The fishing game
The hayride that our darling little neighbor helped them go on
This smile is hilarious- would you know there is a whole donut in his mouth. He just finished one of those donut games where you eat the donut off the string and he literally ate the whole thing in one bite and was so proud of himself!
We had such a fun night starting out with a neighborhood potluck with breadsticks and soup and ended with trick or treating which both boys really loved this year!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Wildlife Museum

So much has happened in our life recently and where I wasn't a great blogger then I am definitely worse now- haha! So we moved to St. George Utah towards the end of October for Steve's job! One of the first things we had to do was go to the Wildlife Museum ( which is the reason Cohen was okay moving here). My sweet mom came and stayed for the week and unpacked and organized my whole kitchen..... need I say lifesaver. Anyways, she was so nice to buy us an annual pass so we can "go whenever we want to"says Cohen. They have a really fun kids club for Saturdays that he has been going to and they learn about a new animal each week- he LOVES it! Here are a few pictures of the first visit we made....
 They give the kids all binoculars to borrow to look at the animals- they love it!
 I love this kids smile

 After you tour the museum which is a huge room filled with different habitats and taxidermy animals from all over the world then they get to go into the play area where they can dress up and play on this fort thing- I just loved both of these pictures, such funny kids!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Cheetas

 Cohen was begging us to play soccer this fall- and since he really didn't like it last spring we were wondering how he was going to do. So we signed him up and he loved it! He would run and actually kicked the ball a couple of times! And not only that but Steve ended up being the coach- he was so great with the kids and everyone loved his easy going style of coaching- these kids are only 3 and 4 years old (it was amazing how intense some of the other coaches were).
Some of the highlights..... so their team was the Cheetahs and if any of you know Cohen he is really, REALLY into animals. There may have been some instances when Cohen would take the Cheetah thing to heart. There was a team... the zebras and my sweet Cohen may or may not have been roaring and trying trying to claw them.... oops..... who's child is that? Also did you know Cheetahs make a chirping noise instead of a roar like most big cats..... well Cohen does- I can't tell you haw many looks parents gave me as my son was high pitched chirping as he was running down the field- duh, Cheetahs chirp people!
Also this is a coed team and seeing as I have 2 boys and no girls I totally got a kick out of the little girls holding hands and skipping down the field- haha so cute! It was a great soccer season and I am so glad Cohen liked it this time- maybe there will be more soccer in our future!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Starting Preschool

A couple weeks ago both boys started preschool at Little Learners Academy. I can't believe both my kids are in preschool. Cohen is now going 3 days a week and Carson goes 2 days a week. Their teachers are so awesome, the boys love them.

 Little Cohen apparently is in the advanced class?!? We just went to orientation and they said welcome to the advanced class...... Steve and I just looked at each other and said is he in the advanced class? Of course he is- he is such a smart little boy and loves to learn.
 Look at that cute smile

 Carson is doing really well in preschool- I think it helps that he wants to do everything his brother does. For example, Cohen can be dropped off at preschool and walk to his classroom by himself, I have been to nervous to do that with Carson yet because I worry he wont find his way to his class room. But he was asking to be dropped off like Cohen so I did it and he did great..... I barely made it out without a heart attack! I can't believe how brave he has been!

Can't wait to see what this year holds!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cohen's Preschool Program

We loved Cohen's end of the year! Grandma and Aunt Heather and Lola all came to cheer him on!
His program was all a whole bunch of Disney songs and I have been enjoying hearing him sing them over the last couple of weeks.....we especially love the Grand Ol Fag because now every time the boys see a flag Carson yells "Cohen it's a Grand Ol Fwag- sing it Cohen"and then we of course get to hear him sing the song.........I never realized how many flags there are!

 I loved seeing him do this surfing dance- cool dude!

 HAHAHA! What a stud!
 At the end they all earned a certificate with something special about them! Cohen got the einstein award.......he apparently has taught the teachers several things! We are so proud of him and he has done amazing this year!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father and Sons

I love father and sons especially since now both boys are old enough to go with Steve and it gives me a free night alone! They camped up in Kamas and had such a great time- they loved the camp fire and their head lamps! They ate so much junk food and stayed up way late which means they were exhausted the next day....... that's what it's all about .......right?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3 years of Carson

 Carson's 1st day!

 1st Birthday!

 Carson's 2nd Birthday!

Carson is 3 years old!!!!