Monday, December 23, 2013

Tuacahn's Live Nativity

Last Friday night we took the kids to dinner and then to the Tuacahn to see Santa and the live Nativity they put on. They were so excited to tell Santa what they wanted….. and they have it down to specifics!!

 It was pretty cold and windy and so we had to warm up by the fire pit they have outside
 The show was so great. They have incredible music and have people volunteer to act out the Nativity story. They even had live camels which was fun!

 Steve took the boys on The "Old Salty" train ride- Carson was in heaven!

I love this time of year and love spending time doing fun things with our little family!

Looking at the St. George Temple lights

I think St. George is so beautiful! And right smack dab in the middle of the valley is the temple. Next to all the red rock it is so bright white. They put up lots of lights and a nativity on the temple grounds so last Monday for family night our activity was to go see the lights- the boys love it!
 WIsh Cohen wasn't blurry in this picture, but hey he's a wiggly kid!
 They love to climb the stairs to the top- I decided to join them!

 HAHA! Carson!!!

 It was such a beautiful night and we had a great time. The boys loved running around outside, watching Christmas movies in the visitor center and looking at the nativity

 Afterwards we went to Yogurtland and guess who was there…. the boys were excited! I on the other hand thought it was kind of weird to have a Santa at Yogurtland- but whatever (this is me letting it go).
Love the smiles on their faces! They were pretty happy boys!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Children's Museum

Last Friday our friends invited us to go to the Children's Museum with them! I was way more fun than I expected it to be! They had the most amazing themed rooms with murals and fun things for the kids to play with.
 The post office
 The farm- who thought my kids would ever get to milk a cow?
 Radion station/ performing stage- yes I know this picture is blurry- it's because he was dancing!
 A Zion's Bank (yep I loved it) and a Smith's grocery store

 Cohen was buying all healthy food because he is going on a healthy diet- haha!
 The castle- Cohen was wearing the crown around his neck because it was too big- funny kid

 The science lab!

Love the crazy faces! 

It was perfect because it was so cold outside so it was fun to get out of the house and do something indoors. There were other fun rooms I just didn't get any pictures of them. And the best part is that it is free! Afterwards we went outside and had Oreos! The boys were totally muddy from running in the snow/mud, but they were in heaven!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Apparently the snow storm we had has not happened in St. George since the 1970's. People have never seen it like this their whole lives. We had about 6-8 inches- which in Salt Lake is normal but here it was crazy! They have no snow plows  and no salt...... um and my palm tress look very sad. It barely got above freezing today which is 6 days after the snow storm.... it's cold. And did I mention that we threw our snow shovel away when we moved here- oh man!

But guess who has been loving every second. The!!! 4 days straight they played out in the snow, and I think Carson has eaten more snow than humanly possible.

 We had our friends over one day and here they are wrestling in the snow

 And having a snow ball fight
 And building snow barriers to hide behind while they have their snow ball fight
 I finally put them to work...... fortunately I did save their little shovels more for sentimental reasons, but hey they sure came in handy.

 My FAVORITE picture ever! After removing all their cold wet clothes they went to warm up their hands by the fire place...... haha oh man they are so dang cute!
 Drinking hot chocolate

 Catching snow flakes on their tongue while we waited for Steve to pick us up outside of Costco. I remember standing there looking at all the palm trees in the Costco parking lot in the middle of a snow storm..... it did not look right!

 The most EPIC snowman ever! With his sagebrush afro this guy was 8 feet tall. And to lift the middle section Steve had to get on his hands and knees and have 4 -10 years old plus me roll it onto his back, and then he had to lift it up and we rolled it into place..... yep quite the process! It was the coolest snowman ever and the boys loved building it! 

I have loved the snow just because it makes it feel like Christmas. I love this time of year and it is the best with the boys!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We had such a great weekend and I don't have very many pictures. Thanksgiving was amazing, we got to share it with aunts and uncles, and cousins! Delicious food and lots of fun!

 Look Lola really secretly does like Uncle Steve
 My cousin Lauren brought this hat..... of course we all had to try it on!

 Friday we took down Thanksgiving decorations and put up Christmas. Then we all took the frontrunner up to the Gateway. We had lunch at CPK and then went to the Clark Planetarium to see Rocky Mountain Express- it was awesome. And if you know Carson's love of trains you know why we went.  It was a 40 minute movie about the Canadian train being built- it entertained even little Lola.... now that's saying something!
 Riding Frontrunner
 Silly faces
 Scary faces

 The boys wake up Grandma and Grandpa every morning. This particular morning they asked Grandpa for a bowl of cereal. So he brings out these tiny bowls and they say no we want a big bowl of cereal........ um yep I think they got it- haha!
 Saturday we went and saw Frozen which we all loved and that night Rob and Holly got us all BYU basketball tickets in the suite- now that's a way to take kids to a game! The boys LOVED it! We had such a fun weekend. We love this time of year when we get to focus on things we are thankful for and I feel like we are one pretty blessed family!