Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Reunion 3- Movie and so much more...

Cousins played a lot outside- lots of bubbles, bottle rockets and running around!
Like i told you it was the goal to get Carson to walk- everyone was constantly walking Carson in between them and he was getting really good! I loved watching him get better everyday! And the first thing Carson did when we got home stand himself up- we were so excited because he had never done that before. So now he is cruising all over the place- I see chaos in my future!
Here we are seeing Toy Story 3- a lot of firsts for Cohen. He had never seen a movie before, but he loved it and he wouldn't let you take the popcorn out of his lap. Behind us sat Meredith, Thomas, Julia and Emma- and lots more family but I didn't take enough pictures. Tommy kept peeking over my seat and resting his head on my shoulder (such a sweetheart)!

The sad part about the reunion is it went by WAY TO FAST! We had so much fun but it is true when they say time flies when you are having fun. And that we did- tons of fun! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to see you all in 2 years- hopefully sooner!

Family Reunion 2- Karaoke and Bowling

It is always fun to watch everyone do karaoke- it's fun because they all have a gift of music and actually sound good! It was cute when it was Steve's turn Cohen decided to join in on the fun and was actually singing- very quietly- but singing!

Cohen also bowled for his first time- so cute! Of course he had the bumpers but Steve would help him throw it and if he didn't then he would kick the ball down the lane (maybe we should put him in soccer) and then he would jump up and down with his arms in the air and cheer for himself- he is such a character.

Family Reunion 1

Best family reunion ever!! I love Steve's family- my in-laws are the best (no seriously the BEST)! They always make visits so special! We stayed in a great hotel where everyone swam everyday-including Cohen and he loved it. We had a great itinerary with lots of fun things. We had family pictures (to be honest I think we were all sweating through our clothes- so humid in Tulsa), service projects, they made cousins books, went to a park, went to a movie (thanks mom for watching Carson while we enjoyed that movie), karaoke, bowling, and so much more- it was AWESOME!

Aunt Jen making Carson laugh- so funny!
Carson and Cohen were so loved by all of their cousins- I love all my nieces and nephews! They were so helpful and played a lot with my kids which makes my life easier!
It was so fun - everyone was bound and determined to get Carson to walk- so cute and he progressed a lot. Here is uncle Jeff and aunt Robin trying to get him to walk- sorry no pics of Robin!
After a couple hours of family pictures we went to a much needed-cool- lunch at Chick-fil-a. Grandpa was nice enough to supply Carson's ice cream addiction by sharing his shake- he wouldn't let go of the straw- it was too funny!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Playing on the Patio

The best part of our house is our covered patio- I love it! Carson got a picnic table for his birthday and both of the boys have really enjoyed it. Cohen loves these little cars- you rarely see him without one in his hands. And do you like the puff on Carson's chin!!! That's right- he LOVES food and eating! These boys crack me up!


Cohen loves playing with trains! So he got creative and now he pushes our ottomans together and makes it into a "train". He sits at the front and is the conductor- with choo choos and all aboards included! Carson tries to join in on the fun but he is not quite old enough yet!

Rascally kids!