Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christmas 2012

I literally have 4 pictures of Christmas...... that's right 4! I went to go blog about our Christmas and I was shocked- who am I? It all started mid December with croup- Cohen had croup and passed it on to me- we were both sick until right before Christmas. Then we started to get better. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning we spent with our little family and it was so different to not be with all our family and yet such a good bonding time with each other- we loved it! Christmas was perfect and my parents even came down that day and stayed with us for the week. We had a nice big ham dinner and spent time together. That night as I was going to bed I felt like my whole room was spinning and thought it was just because I was tired- the next day we went out to lunch and I was so dizzy and nauseated that I couldn't even eat. That night I went to an instacare and was diagnosed with labrynthitis which is a inner ear inflammation- doesn't sound bad but if you have ever had ear problems (which I never have) then you will know it's horrible. You feel so dizzy which makes you nauseous, unfocused, tired and gives you anxiety because it is such a weird sensation. The doctor told me it was because I had just had a virus and that it would take about a week to go away. I couldn't even fathom feeling like that for a week and it has now been 7 weeks.  I also have had 3 other viruses, and a sinus infection on top of all that. I have had weeks where I have been bed ridden and couch ridden and could barely get up to make lunch and help the kids go to the bathroom. We were lucky to be able to go to Disneyland and it was wonderful but I was only able to go on a handful of rides because I can't do anything that spins. I have been so discouraged and blessed at the same time. I have never been so sick in my life and it has been a struggle every day since mid December. My kids have also been sick- which totally stresses me out! Now that I am done whining, I would also like to focus on the blessings. About six weeks ago I couldn't even get out of bed- I was so sick. My sweet mom packed up her stuff and came straight down and stayed with the kids for a week- it was such a blessing! Steve has been the best and most patient husband ever and comes home and takes care of everything. Last week my ward brought in dinners for a whole week- that was just so generous. There have been lots of daily tears and uplifting moments for me and I pray that we can stay healthy for awhile and start getting back to normal life. The last 2 days I finally don't feel sick anymore and the dizziness is slightly improving to where it's not as hard to drive and I don't have to sit on the couch all day. 
 Anyway..... back to Christmas. This is Cohen calling Grandma and Grandpa Brough on Christmas
 They got spoiled and so did Steve and I
 I am so glad I at least got one picture of my parents and the grandkids while they were here. I felt like the worst host because I was so sick but they were so nice and patient with me. This is when they were playing dominos together, they also went grocery shopping for me and stocked us up at Costco. We watched lots of movies and it was so nice to have them around. I love this time of year and am so grateful that I have my adorable little guys to share it with- it was so fun!

New bedroom Furniture

So I think I am the worst blogger ever- but in my defense I have been out of commission for 9 weeks now and finally slowly starting to get back to normal. We have lots to unpack still in our new house but finally got the new furniture for our room- still no pictures of or drapes so it's still a work in progress.
I have to say the green, yellow and cream color scheme brightens up the room- it's so cheerful!