Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Big Surprise: Carson version

Here is Carson counting and waiting to see his present- actually he is looking at Cohen driving his jeep!
Yeah so exciting!
He loves all the buttons and it really drives- 2 crazy kids driving around!
It was actually a really nice day outside- perfect for driving jeeps and fire trucks! They both had a blast and so did the adults watching them!
Carson got a Mickey for Heather, Danny and Craig- can you tell he likes Mickey- he still carries it everywhere and gives him hugs!

The Big Suprise: Cohen version

This is Cohen counting while Grandpa and Craig got the surprise!
And the big reveal....... he doesn't know what to think!
Then he goes and sits in his big orange jeep (orange is his favorite color)! Still doesn't know what to think!
A little hesitant but excited!
Look at that smile- and look at all of the fun gadgets and sounds! I think it was a success! First they gave him a tiny toy jeep and then this one- such a fun idea!

Christmas Morning

Now that we are well into January I think it's about time that I post about our awesome Christmas! We had our traditional homemade poptarts for breakfast- the boys love them!

Of course Santa has spoiled us all! Cohen was so excited and the first thing he ran to was his "digger" that santa brought! He really didn't pay attention to his other presents until later!
Carson was immediately in love with his red wagon! They both got a lot of fun things from family and each other- we had a great and fun filled morning!
What a spread!