Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Bed

Along with turning two is getting Carson a big boy bed! It is all ready now except for a guard rail and to be honest I am not in any rush to get one..... I mean think of all the freedom he will have! Cohen moved into a bed when he was 16 months and so it will be different and I hop all goes well and he sleeps okay in his new bed and most importantly stays in it!
Tickle tickle!

He is happy though- he was rolling all over it and Cohen and him were having a great time!
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma

I love all my Grandparents so much! In April we were able to visit my Grandma Christiansen in California and wish we could see Steve's grandma in Washington! But my cute Grandma Bowers was having her birthday on June 7th and so my mom and I spur of the moment decided to go and visit her! We got there on her birthday and took her out to Olive Garden for dinner! Yummy! Of course they took us to a different one that is " faster" because it has less traffic....... after we drove for 30 minutes and thought they were taking us out to the middle of nowhere and leaving us for dead we made it to the restaurant!

Cohen learned how to eat pasta by twirling it on his fork and Grandma tied the napkins around him- it worked great!

It was a super fun dinner and we had a great time!

When we got back to their house there was 2 dozen krispy kreme donuts waiting for us- and even cute hats for the boys! Seriously it is impossible to not gain weight and Grandma and Grandpa's house- they are such good hosts and are constantly feeding you! It's something I love about them...... not the exercise I have to do afterwards though! Above is Carson wanting his hands cleaned- my kids are both clean freaks when it comes to food getting on them- which I guess is good for me but they wont wait until after they are done they want to be cleaned all through eating.... it makes for a long cleaning process!

Did I mention that they also spoil us rotten- we got there and there was a whole pile of toys for the boys- they of course were in heaven!

One of the cutest things was when the boys were " helping" Grandpa in the garden- seriously they would go out for like an hour and play in the dirt... I really hope they didn't kill anything! Cohen would come in with dirt in his hair, but they absolutely loved it so much! Carson gets so focused on something and will sit there for 20 minutes doing one thing- like filling a bucket with dirt and then dumping it out and doing again! Good thing Grandpa is so nice and patient!

Other honorably mentions: we built 4 puzzles (so fun.. my mom and I both love puzzles), Cheesecake factory, shopping and the mall, walks, shopping at Petals and Stems, White Water Pizza, playing games, making smores at the firepit, playing with balloons and puzzles, coming back from shopping and seeing that Grandpa had bought Cohen a Scooby Doo ice cream from the ice cream truck, and having someone constantly entertain my kids instead of the TV! Grandma I love you and I am so glad we got to come and have a great week with you and Grandpa! Happy Birthday!

Best Buddies

These two are so funny! Carson is always going and sitting on Cohen's lap and Cohen never cares! They randomly hug and give kisses! One time Carson went up to hug Cohen and was hugging him for a long time and Cohen said " Carson we can't do this forever"- hahaha! I wish they could because it is so sweet! It gives me hope that they will be best friends!

Carson's 2nd Birthday

Carson turned two on May 24th- yeah! I love this age he is so much fun! He had a great birthday! We did a Mickey Mouse theme for him which I knew 4 months before when we went to Disneyland- he loves Mickey! We had all the family come over including Uncle Jeff who was in town for work- Carson immediately loved him! We had pizza and mickey shaped chicken nuggets and fruit of curse because carson loves fruit. Also my mom always makes such cute cakes- it didn't disappoint Carson was so excited!
Then we opened lots of presents (thanks everyone) the top picture is him looking at a Mickey beach towel- cutest expression ever- thanks Grandma and grandpa Brough! Below is him "helping put together his present from Grandma and Grandpa Bowers... a pirate water table- Carson happens to really love tools he is always walking around with a screw driver or measuring tape!

We got him a Woody doll that he would always play with at a friends house so I knew he would love it.... and he does! His facial expressions constantly crack me up!

Happy birthday sweet boy... you are so happy and cuddly and of course rascally! We just love having you in our family you bring so much joy into our lives!

On Carson's actual birthday we went to incredible pizza with his cousin Jackman who shares his same birthday- he had a blast! He had a great birthday!