Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Pictures

This post isn't about anything specific. But I had a lot of pictures that I wanted to post. The first couple are of Cohen. He walked into the living room with his hat on and I thought it looked a little funny. As it turns out Cohen had put all of these mini animals and dinosaurs in his hat, why.... I don't know but I thought it was cute!

And doesn't he look so much older in this picture? It makes me sad to think how big he is getting!

My mom and I run errands all the time together.... it's too fun! This day we dragged the kiddos to Gardner Village and of course we had to stop at the candy store and get a treat.... this day was push up popsicles.... messy but very yummy!

Speaking of popsicles- they are a huge staple in our house this summer. Carson would eat like 10 a day if I let him (of course I don't). But they love to sit on the patio and have their yummy treat....... sometimes at 9 am because Carson begs for them from the moment he wakes up...... I know mother of the year.

These pictures are totally random and I don't even remember taking them or why they are so happy but I thought they were cute! This summer I have tried to do lots of fun things with the boys since our winters seem to last forever and summer goes by so fast. I want to make everyday count!