Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cohen's Field trip to Wheeler Farm

I can't believe Cohen has only a couple of weeks left of preschool. It feels like yesterday he was just going to his first day. Is this why everyone says kids grow up so fast because this past year has really flown by. And now Carson starts this fall- I really can't believe it!
Well today we went to Wheeler Farm for a field trip!
 I have heard Cohen talking about Anna and how he likes her, but apparently little Anna (above) just loves Cohen and tells her mom he is her boyfriend-so cute! She also know his favorite color and has been begging her mom to play with Cohen.... she is just adorable- good thing Cohen is such a boy and is totally oblivious to girls at the moment...... how long do you think I can keep it that way?
 Cute little Carson was so excited to go to the farm- and all he wanted to se were the bunnies!
 These are Cohen's amazing teachers- Miss Star is on the left and Miss Dani if on the right- they are too much fun and Cohen loves them!
 Looking at all the cows

 We also got to see the chickens, ducks, geese, bunnies, sheep and go on a tractor ride!
They had a black smith there who was showing the kids how to shape metal- they were all intrigued!
At the end they had a little store and the boys got tootsie rolls! We had a really fun time!