Friday, October 5, 2012

The Cheetas

 Cohen was begging us to play soccer this fall- and since he really didn't like it last spring we were wondering how he was going to do. So we signed him up and he loved it! He would run and actually kicked the ball a couple of times! And not only that but Steve ended up being the coach- he was so great with the kids and everyone loved his easy going style of coaching- these kids are only 3 and 4 years old (it was amazing how intense some of the other coaches were).
Some of the highlights..... so their team was the Cheetahs and if any of you know Cohen he is really, REALLY into animals. There may have been some instances when Cohen would take the Cheetah thing to heart. There was a team... the zebras and my sweet Cohen may or may not have been roaring and trying trying to claw them.... oops..... who's child is that? Also did you know Cheetahs make a chirping noise instead of a roar like most big cats..... well Cohen does- I can't tell you haw many looks parents gave me as my son was high pitched chirping as he was running down the field- duh, Cheetahs chirp people!
Also this is a coed team and seeing as I have 2 boys and no girls I totally got a kick out of the little girls holding hands and skipping down the field- haha so cute! It was a great soccer season and I am so glad Cohen liked it this time- maybe there will be more soccer in our future!