Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cohen's Thanksgiving Feast

Cohen's cute little school had a really fun feast for Thanksgiving! All the younger kids dressed up like indians and the older kids dressed up like pilgrims! They had a huge feast- turkey, ham, pies the whole bit. The boys had lots of fun here are some pics!

After the feast Cohen and all the kids performed some cute songs- Cohen didn't know most of the words since he had only been attending there for a week- but he was adorable all the same!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

Steve had taken some really cute pictures of the  boys in their costumes but I don't have his camera/ wouldn't even known how to turn his camera on- let's be honest here! 
The pumpkin toss- Carson loved this game

The fishing game
The hayride that our darling little neighbor helped them go on
This smile is hilarious- would you know there is a whole donut in his mouth. He just finished one of those donut games where you eat the donut off the string and he literally ate the whole thing in one bite and was so proud of himself!
We had such a fun night starting out with a neighborhood potluck with breadsticks and soup and ended with trick or treating which both boys really loved this year!