Thursday, June 20, 2013

Visit to Salt Lake

We finally had a week where we could go up to visit my parents for an entire week- we had so much fun!
We got there on a Friday and that night mom, Heather and I went on a girls night out. We went to Cheesecake Factory, and shopped for new clothes- so fun! I miss my girl time. The next morning dad, mom and our little family went up the canyon to Ruth's Diner for breakfast- such a pretty morning and yummy food!
Man this kid can't make a serious face- he cracks me up
Saturday night my mom had a party for Carson's birthday (yes I do realize this kid had like 3 birthday parties-lucky). Rob and Holly and their family came to swim along with my whole family. They had pizza and chick fil a nuggets and of course a Darth Vader cake- yum!

The best part was that Darth Vader himself too the time to visit Carson at his party. Let's just say he was "speechless"!
Can you tell he was excited

Everyone had black tongues after that cake

Carson got a new cash register from Grandma and Grandpa- he loves it!

While we were there we shopped a lot, swam lots and watched lots of movies in the theatre! The boys discovered the movie Little Rascals and love it!

Haha- Cohen was meditating- he cracks me up
One day we took the trax train downtown to trolley square and city creek- of course Carson was so excited

I am sad to say that since I moved that I no longer have a Hobby Lobby near by (sniff sniff) Here is Carson at Hobby Lobby trying on the Uncle Sam hat- goober!
We had such a great week and Steve went home Sunday night and also enjoyed getting some yard work sone and taking some pictures. I am sure we will be having lots of adventures up north this summer!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Safety Town

The week after Cohen finished preschool I put him into a summer camp called Safety Town. It is for kids going into kindergarten and 1st grade. I thought it was great for him. Everyday they focused on a different type of safety. Bike safety, stranger danger, how to call 911, fire safety, and tons more.
 This is Cohen at the Safety Town graduation

 Everyday they would have a visitor who helped with the certain type of safety they were learning about. Smokey the Bear came to visit on the day they taught fire safety.

These cute group of youth volunteered the whole two weeks and were the kids leaders- they were great! Next year Cohen and Carson will be able to take the class together- yay! Did I mention that i am freaking out that Cohen will be going to kindergarten- ah!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Carson's Birthday Party

Carson had a friend party last Friday. He wanted to have a Star Wars themed party- it was so fun to plan.
 Above is a picture of the refueling station. I had cute Star Wars themed table ware, balloons and light sabers.
 We played lots of fun games but I only have pictures of on. Battle the Storm troopers. We had white balloons with storm trooper faces on them- and then a whole cooler full of water balloons- the kids had fun "battling". The kids also played hunt for Jabba's treasure- kind of along the lines of a Easter egg hunt except just candy- they even got to hunt in the sandbox! And then they played unfreeze the characters. I had purchased 8 Star Wars figurines and froze each one individually in containers. Each kid had to use different tools to "unfreeze" them! The kids loved it!
 Our party favors for the kids were a box of fruit snacks and glow sticks

 Time to battle!

 I think Steve was as excited as the kids were!

 Then it was time to refuel with pizza, strawberries and yogurts.

 Then it was present time
 Oh the anticipation......
 He got totally spoiled and loved having his friends come!

We ended with an ice cream sundae bar. Here he is blowing out his candle... one kids remarked.... "is Carson one"? Haha I only had one candle on his ice cream- can't put anything past 4 year olds.

Speaking of which I can't believe he is 4- I am loving this age. Carson loves to play with his brother, sing (although you will never hear him since he is so shy), helping me cook in the kitchen and loves to play in his sandbox. He is such a joy in our lives!