Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Christmas Eve we got to spend with our little family. We had Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert- the boys loved it. Then we read the Nativity story, opened up pajamas and one present from their cousins. It was a great night. Steve and I stayed up and watched White Christmas which is one of my very favorite Christmas movies!

Christmas morning we told the boys they had to get up when the clock said 6 something- and they obeyed- yay! They were thrilled with all of the Legos that Santa brought them and we had a really enjoyable morning! We had homemade pop tarts for breakfast….. and mid morning snack ….. and lunch- hey it wouldn't be Christmas without a little sugar high!
Then Steve and I and Cohen built Legos all day… talk about some assembly required! But the boys had a wonderful day!

We were super lucky because Christmas night my whole family came down and spent the rest of the week with us- it was so much fun! We had a big Christmas dinner, opened more presents and watched Christmas Vacation. That week was full of fun. The boys went to go see the Hobbit, the girls got a girls night out, The boys watched BYU's bowl game…. not so great. We went out to eat at Red lobster and Buffalo Wild Wings and went swimming at the Rec center. Uncle Danny and Steve took the boys fishing for their first time/ really just Uncle Danny! The boys loved it! 
Steve made up a Christmas Jeopardy game on the last night that everyone was here and it was so fun, and then we finished the night watching the Lone Ranger!
It was a fun packed week.

(All of these pictures are in random order…sorry)
 Christmas Eve

 Building Legos

 Uncle Danny doing "magic tricks"- flipping him upside down

 building more Legos

 The gang at Red Lobster

 Can't get enough of this girl- we love LOLA

 Playing at a park

 Buffalo Wild Wings
 First annual family jeopardy game

 Cohen's Christmas gingerbread house (told you these pictures are random)
 Yay fishing- both boys caught a fish!!!

Here is our elf Tinsel who left us on Christmas Eve- until next year! 
We feel blessed with health and with the gospel in our lives and with a wonderful family to share it with! 
Hope 2014 is just as wonderful!