Monday, February 3, 2014

Disneyland 2014

We seriously had such a fun time in Disneyland. It is so magical there and the boys were health and I felt great and we just had a great week together!
 On our way

 On Monday we got to California around 3pm so we went to the Lego store in Downtown Disney and to the Disney store and then had a really yummy dinner at Rainforest Cafe (these pictures are in random order so there are others below).
 Monsters Inc. University! Cohen had his mind seer that he was going on the Tower of Terror this year- so I wanted him to do it first thing so he could get it over with poor kid was shaking so bad, but he did it- thanks to a bribe from Grandma, but I am proud of him for doing it!
 While they were riding the Tower of Terror Carson and I rode a train of course
 Luigi's tires
 Soarin' Over California- Carson didn't love it so much
 Cohen in the Toy Story Army Man parade
 Then over to Disneyland! We were lucky enough to have Grandma come with us- our first ride is always the Disneyland Railroad
 Casey Junior

 Watching the Jedi training with Darth Vadar- boys love Star Wars

 On Wednesday we started off in California Adventure again because we wanted to ride the Radiator Springs Racers ride. We went to Toy Story Mania while my mom was nice enough to wait in the fast pass line.
 My little aviator 
 Since Carson didn't want to go on Soarin again he and I went on the trolley
 Carson dressed up like Jake the pirate while Cohen went on Indiana Jones for his first time- he liked that one
 The monorail…… it's all about the trains
 Bumper Cars

 Cute boy
 Last day in Disneyland

 We got to go early into the park so we spent the morning in Fantasyland and then had breakfast in Frontierland- yummy

 Dinner at the Golden Horseshoe- the shows there are too funny

 Shooting guns
 Here's where the pictures get kind of random
 toy story mania- rocking those glasses
 Cohen before the Tower of Terror

 Rainforest Cafe

 Poor Cohen was freaking out- Steve said he was so scared he couldn't even cry if he wanted to

 Pure PANIC!

 I love this sweet face

 Cohen's favorite ride in Star Tours- Steve said he can't go on it anymore because he almost lost his lunch- haha! Man we are getting old
 They were fixing Slash Mountain but this sunset was gorgeous!

 The first night we stayed and watched the parade they do every night- it's so fun!

 Little Mermaid
 Indiana Jones

 Radiator Springs Racers- yay!!! So the ride was closed until noon and we got a fast pass for around 2 so we came to the ride and it still hadn't opened so they said they would still honor our fast pass when it does open but they will honor everyone's up to the time it opens so either way were going to stand in a really long line- like at least and hour. So we stopped at the cozy cone for a snack and happened to notice people heading over to the ride and so we ran over and seriously only had to wait 5 minutes- what? We are so lucky!!!! It was the funnest ride EVER!!!


 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
 Ummm remember how Steve and I seriously can't handle spinning- yep but Grandma can!!!

 Tarzan's treehouse- the boys loved it

 Haha- goober

 Jungle Cruise

 Steam boat

 Haha- I put this picture in twice- it's so awesome!
My favorite picture- all of us after Radiator Springs Racers- this is why I love Disneyland! A whole week spent with my family in the happiest place on earth! There were moments of just pure joy- my kids with huge smiles on their faces and belly laughs! It was perfect!