Wednesday, August 26, 2015

March 2015

 Crazy hair Day
 Wow that boys seriously needed a haircut
 Going to Ridgecrest with Grandma over Spring Break
 Cohen kept asking me to take his picture- apparently the one below is some kind of a warrior pose- haha!

 Seriously Aunt Karen is the BEST and had a whole living room full of train Legos set up for Carson to play with! Both boys loved it!
 Eating Scooby Doo waffles
 Going out to lunch for Grandma's Birthday- we love you mom!
 Snuggling on a chair watching a movie
 Playing at the new Ridgecrest park- the weather was so nice and the park was super fun!

 Rite Aid ice cream of course
 Thees are all pictures Carson took and I think Steve has the one of the boys riding this train- but here are a few pictures of us! They were so nice to let us come and take us for a ride in their back yard!

 At the museum- it was tiny but the boys liked it and we watched a movie about the amazing petroglyphs in Ridgecrest- they are hard to go see since they are on the military base property.

 St. Patricks Day- my little man in his favorite color GREEN
 Cohen's teacher is always doing fun things in class
 Cohen really started developing a love for reading!
 I love these pictures of my sweet Carson boy

And March is full on yard season in St. George- we took the boys to Lowe's with us and they love it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

February 2015

 February was a fun month for us this year! Here is my cute little Carson!
 Valentine's train box of course- Cohen's box is at the end of this post.
 He had such a fun Valentine's party
 Breakfast at Kneaders- I love this picture below

 Every year that we have been down here we go to the Parade of Homes- this year the boys joined us and loved it. Steve was having some of his pictures sold in one of the homes!
 Legoland!!!!! A few weeks before we decided to go on this trip there seemed to be a lot of tragedies in our community and I felt an urgency to enjoy every day with my family- so we quickly planned a trip to Carlsbad for a weekend and spent one day at Legoland which the boys loved! Lucky for us my parents decided to join us down there and it was lots of fun watching the boys experience everything!

 Of course we find the trains!

 We stayed at a hotel right across the street from the beach- you had to walk a ways to get to it but it was so much fun for the boys!

 ALL the BOYS!

 We at out, and played and also saw my dad's childhood home and the first home I lived in- kind of fun! it is so beautiful down there!
 One day we took the Coaster train to old town SanDiego and had a really fun day there too!
 Panning for gold at the church's old town San Diego site!

 Our last morning we had a yummy breakfast in a cute little place (I can't remember what it was called) and it was the perfect ending to our trip! It was perfect!!!
 And it apparently snowed in February! This was one morning before the boys went to school and I knew if they didn't play in it before school it would all be melted by the time they got back home- so we enjoyed it!
 And snowman pancakes and hot chocolate afterwards!
 This was the first time the boys played basketball and Steve coached both of them!!! It was a little crazy but the boys loved having Steve as their coach!

 And some play time for these two little buddies
I didn't have a picture of Cohen's Valentine tank box so I had to take one and add it- isn't it cool!! Thank you camp duct tape!!! I also got to be room mom for Cohen's class this year and had a really fun minute to win it Valentine's party!