Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Cohen loves dessert! My parents came over the other night and we had chocolate cream pie and cheese cake. Cohen was all over that. This picture just makes me laugh because somehow he managed to get out of his pants in the process of begging for food from Grandpa.


Last Friday my girlfriends and I got to go out for ice cream. We always have a good time talking about memories. I am so lucky to have good friends that I can always talk to!

Bed Head

Cohen woke up this morning with some serious bed head- his hair has never looked like this before and it took me a couple times of wetting it down to look normal. Some of his expressions on his face crack me up- he has such a personality.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FHE with the Starleys

We had such a fun FHE with the Starleys last night. I made homemade chili and cornbread and Liz made a yummy raspberry delight- so good. Then we set up the telescope and looked at the moon. Then as the pictures show Cohen was wrestling with Steven. Of course Steven is the happiest baby ever- he just smiles all the time (even when Cohen is grabbing his face). Thanks Mike and Liz- we had tons of fun!!


Cohen loves to kick balls around- so he would walk him around while he would kick this ball around and he could have probably done it all day. Dad and Cohen have so much fun playing after work.

Fun Time

We hung out with Jackman and Aunt Holly yesterday. We had such a fun time- Cohen had a fun time with Jackman and I had great adult conversation with Holly. Cohen saw his first dog- Cosmo. Although he has seen him before he hasn't actually gotten down on the floor with him. But he loved it he would have a big smile on his face as Cosmo would lick his fingers and toes. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008


My brother Craig got his mission call last Wednesday to Paraguay. We are so excited for him and he is excited too. We are all really surprised because you don't hear much about Paraguay. But it will be so good for him and teach him a lot! He leaves November 12th for the MTC so he will miss yet another Thanksgiving and Christmas (which he has missed the last couple of years because he was in boot camp and then in Iraq last year). We love you Uncle Craig- Congrats!!!

Father and Sons

Steve was so proud to have a boy last week. It was his first Father and Sons outing. Cohen went with Steve for dinner and then for breakfast. They did not camp out- and it was at our church so it was easy for me to come and pick him up. Steve and Cohen are so cute together- they are best buddies. After we got back from Swiss Days Steve and Cohen watched the BYU game together-like father like son. Steve is so cute with Cohen- I really appreciate all Steve does for me- he is an awesome dad. It is so cute because every time Steve comes home from work Cohen starts to cry until Steve picks him up- he loves his daddy!

Swiss Days

All tuckered out- so sweet!

My super awesome friend Liz and I went to Swiss Days last weekend. And we were so awesome to take the kids so our husbands could have some free time (yard work). Anyway we had such a good time. The last hour we were there was really hot, but the kids did well considering and we wore the kids out (refer to pictures of Cohen and Steven). Liz has a cute little girl named Sarah and a boy named Steven who is 2 months younger than Cohen so they play at church together it is so cute. So thank you Liz for coming with me- we got some cute stuff and had lots of fun!