Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back Up

So as I said in the previous post we have been sick around these part- no fun! These pictures were taken last Wednesday and I remember that because I finally called in back up! Cohen had been really sick for days and this day he woke up and almost threw up (which is like the worst for me- I hate it when my kids throw up) and he kept saying his tummy hurt and his throat hurt and so I decided to take him to the doctor but I couldn't get an appointment until 3:30 so I couldn't go anywhere because they were sick and I didn't want children puking in my car and so I called my sweet, dependable mom and asked her to pick me up some juice because I didn't have any and that's all Cohen wanted and some airborne- because let's just be honest I didn't want to get what he got- no fun!
So she comes over with like 32 bottles of gatorade, 5 things of juice, popsicles, airborne, and play doh for the boys- yes.... she goes above and beyond! Even though the boys were sick they spent about 30 minutes just playing with play doh and being so happy instead of sitting on a couch feeling sick! Grandma is a great distraction and she helps me not feel as stressed and she even came with me to the doctors!
So thank you to my sweet mom who saved me this day and for lots of other days- it was much appreciated!
Cute boys!!

Sick Days

We have been sick around this house for about a month now. First it started with viruses then ear infections and asthma which needed lots of antibiotics and steroids and breathing treatments and just as they were getting better from that then strep hit our family- yeah for us. We actually all just got penicillin shots in unmentionable places so we didn't all have 10 days of antibiotics which was nice but once again asthma always comes with the boys getting sick so we have been doing lots of breathing treatments and Steve and I are now feeling better too! So hopefully we stay healthy for a while because their poor lungs need a break and so does their poor mommy! It has been cold and snowy here still so we are stuck in doors a lot with sickness or bad weather- so this is what we do to entertain ourselves....
We pull out every Fisher Price little people toy and build a whole city in the living room- it was fun because the boys would both go from toy to toy because there were so many out they were so overwhelmed with toys- which was nice for me because then they weren't fighting over the same toy (which of course never happens at our house-hehe)!

Having so much fun!

I just had to post these bath time pictures- there is something so fun about bath time. I don't know if it is because the boys both love it or that they smell so nice and clean afterwards or both but I love bath time- oh and it might be that Steve always does bath time so it gives me a break! But my mom bought the boys these foam dinosaurs to stick to the side of the tub and they both love it! And look at all those bubbles- it's every child's dream!