Monday, May 23, 2011


So let's be honest - I am really bad at putting lots of pictures onto one blog... so don't judge me! Anyway I am going to write the whole post up here since all the pictures are all mixed up- sorry!
Anyway we went to Tulsa to visit Steve's parents at the beginning of May! We seriously had so much fun! Of course we get totally spoiled. They bought the boys bubble guns and had squirt bottles which they played outside with everyday... the weather was amazing the whole time! One day we went to the zoo- I love their zoo it was so wide open and beautiful... lots of trees and ponds! And of course daddy lions- the highlight of Cohen's trip. We also got to see an elephant show, ride the carousel, and take a train ride around the whole zoo! They had so many animals and it was not crowded at all- and in their pond they had all of these turtles swimming around- it was pretty cool!
One day we went to the mall and shopped for shoes and it was so fun. We also went out to eat at Olive Garden after- yum!
Over the weekend Steve's brother and his wife Robin and their awesome kids Ries and Lexi came from Dallas. My kids loved them all immediately and they were so nice to play with the boys. We went to chick-fil-a and then to the aquarium. And of course their aquarium was awesome too. It had this huge tank full of huge sharks and they had sting rays you could touch- it was really fun!
And then on Sunday we went to church and then celebrated mother's day! It was fun because the weekend before we did a special mother's day for my mom and then I got to do it here with my other mom- that was fun for me... not to mention I didn't have to change diapers for 2 days instead of 1-hehe! I love my in-laws they are so great!
Other fun things...... of course On the Border (Steve's favorite), shopping, pedicures with mom, yummy homemade meals and lots of play time.... and the boys loved it! Thanks for the fun trip!

Easter 2011

So I am totally behind on blogging and have like a million to catch up on- so I will start with Easter- I know so behind.

Of course Easter was more like Christmas- My parents spoiled my kinds rotten. I have more bins of toys then I know what to do with- but my kids are so happy!
They each got geotrax trains and then they got a geotrax cars set and toy story set- so cute.

Easter morning the Easter bunny had come to our house and he brought some toys and hid eggs all over the house!

Carson of course had to open each egg as he found them- he apparently needs immediate gratification-haha!
The Saturday before Easter Rob and Holly always have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and they are so nice to invite us! Each child got a dozen eggs and 2 prizes to find. My dad was helping Cohen and Cohen kept running super far to get eggs and my dad was wondering why he running so far when there were all these eggs in front of him......... it's because he was going for all the orange ones of course- haha! Cohen's favorite color is orange- can you tell!

We had a great Easter and Cohen can even tell the Easter story. Easter dinner is always so delicious- I just love being with family! My in-laws sent us a present and we get to buy a zoo pass- isn't that awesome! Family just spoils us!