Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Carson

I took Carson to a kindermusik class with Miss Paulette from February to May of this year- he really enjoyed it and I loved having the one on one time with him! My good friend Shelly would watch Cohen and then I would watch her little guy the next day! It worked out great!
At the end they got these little stuffed puppies and the whole way home Carson ways hugging it and kissing it-so cute!
Carson loves trains right now- he loves to drive them off bridges ie. our fireplace or couch. His imagination is really growing and he is so fun to watch- and we are trying to also translate his language,,,, he knows what he is saying it just may take everyone a little longer to figure it out!
Carson loves walking around with a towel or blanket tied to his neck!
Carson has the funniest facial expressions- he is always making us laugh and gets away with more than he should because it's hard to stay mad at him! Carson is now sleeping in his bed and staying in nursery....knock on wood! We love our happy crazy boy!

No Allergies

Back in May when Carson turned 2 we had him tested for allergies. Cohen also had this done and we found out what he was allergic too and how severe!
We were in the office for a long time- so we had to find ways to entertain these crazy boys!
And the results are in....... no allergies! Yeah! The marks on his back are where they flick a needle on your back with the allergen on it and wait to see if it swells up- the one on the upper left is the control. Thankfully none of them flared up like that one! Carson did really great- such a tough little guy!
Such a happy boy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our New Playset

Aren't we totally spoiled rotten! We were at my parents house for and Easter egg hunt this spring and my dad said well let's go window shop for a playset....... before you know it we were new owners of this super fun and super awesome playset........ thanks to my parents! It was a ridiculously rainy spring so it took a while to get it installed and get it all ready!
But towards the very end after sod cutters, curbing guys, installers and lots of leveling we had a fun filled hard working family day! All we had left was weed barrier and wood chips to put in and then it was done. Thankfully my parents decided to come and help ( if any of you know Steve he does everything well but it usually takes him longer than the average bear to get it finished) so we were excited for the help!
It was actually really nice working together as a family and seeing the great results!
We added a little fun to the project!

The result: pure joy! We love it! Can you tell by these cute faces!
And to end it all Cohen heard the ice cream truck! So my dad took us out front but the ice cream truck never came......... so my dad hunted it down and brought it to our circle- hahaha!
So we ended a nice day with yummy ice cream!