Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Faux-hawk

Okay so I love his smile- he looks so much like his dad in this picture. Anyway as you can tell it was a team effort to get his hair cut, but my sister did a great job. His hair was getting ridiculously long. He did pretty well for the first half of his hair cut the only reason I think we got to finish was that Grandpa was holding him and we were all shoving fruit snacks down his throat. I think he looks so cute- and much easier to maintain- thanks Aunt Heather!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Making Daddy a Chocolate Cake

Okay so it doesn't look like he had any fun, but actually he had a great time. But of course by the time I took the picture he was DONE- as you can tell he wanted out of his high chair and of course I had to clean him up still. But Cohen loves to "help" mommy in the kitchen whether he is unloading the dishwasher or helping me cook. I made Steve a chocolate cake and Cohen was kind enough to lick the beater- what a funny boy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Boy Chair

We went to Potterybarn Kids on Monday and we saw these cute anywhere chairs, we loved it but thought Cohen would never use it. So we put him in it and he just sat there for like 10 minutes- we were both sold. so for the last couple of days he climbs in and out of this chair and curls up in it- he loves it. Best purchase we made for this little guy in a long time!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hanging Out With Dad

It is not uncommon to see adorable sites like this. With Cohen and dad snuggling. And now they have started wrestling matches. On Saturday mornings they snuggle on the couch and watch cartoons- while daddy sleeps. I love how they are best buds. Cohen cries when he leaves for work and then puts up with me all day until the joyous occasion when daddy comes home. Then they play, wrestle and snuggle on the couch. It makes me smile to see how much Cohen loves his daddy. And I love him too- thanks for all your help and support!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toilet Paper

Okay so honestly I never thought this would happen to me , but I was on the phone with Steve trying to look for some papers in the office. And I come out to find Cohen who now runs all over the house, to find him in the bathroom with the whole roll of toilet paper on the floor. I wasn't quite sure how to react I just stood there for a minute and then he proudly lifted up the wad of paper in his hand and gave me the cutest smile. I couldn't help but start laughing- I know I should probably discipline somehow, but he was so proud of himself. So I told him that was a no no and then salvaged what I could and had him pick up the little shreds off the floor and he hand them to me saying "thant dou" every time he handed me a piece.  It was just one of those moments that I could not be mad at him- and I am still laughing inside.

I had to take some pictures- you think he would have stopped ripping tp as soon as he saw me- oh no he was having a great time. In the pictures he is smiling he is actually saying "cheese"! He is posing for the pictures of him getting into trouble- what a character!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeding Himself???

Okay so not even close, but he did eat several more bites since he was holding the spoon. He's not a good eater so whatever it takes for him to eat we will do. I am nervous to have him start feeding himself though- if I think he gets messy now- wait until he launches food across the room. It was cute though he would not let me take the spoon away- he was loving it.