Tuesday, August 31, 2010

matchy matchy

The boys got matching pajamas- I don't usually match them but they looked so cute I had to take a picture! I think Cohen is telling me he is two- not the peace sign which I thought at first! Rascally kids- oh how I love them!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Father and Sons Camp Out 2010

This last weekend it was Father and Sons camp out. Carson is still too little and I was even nervous for Cohen to go. But he was so excited and counted down the days.
He loved the one on one time. The weather was as bad as it could be. Pouring rain and thunder and lightening- needless to say I was worried all night about my boys, but couldn't call because of the cell phone reception- well there was none. But Cohen wasn't scared and actually slept through the night- Steve.... not so much sleep!
Before they went they stopped off and ate at "Old McDonald's" as Cohen calls it and he ate every drop of food- and if you know him you know that is very rare. Then they got up there and put up the tent when there was a break in the rain. They just hung out and played and read books- Cohen loved it. Then the next morning the weather was beautiful. They finally got to roast those marshmallows and Cohen ate 2 huge pancakes- camping must give this kid an appetite!
I got to hang out with this fun little guy- he is so stinking cute! On Saturday morning I ran a 5K and my parents went also so my mom did the mile walk with Carson in the stroller. Can I just say that having one baby is so much easier than two.... but I missed my Cohen!
Although the weather was bad the trip was a huge success! Just look at these happy faces!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Splash Park

Despite this sad face we had a super fun time at this splash park in Herriman. It had a normal park and then water shooting out from the ground. I went with some great friends of mine on a fun play date. It was like going to the pool- the kids were soaked!
Carson loved it! He kept crawling to the different areas that were spraying water. He would let it just drip down him face. His poor knees! And it was over cast so they were freezing by the time we were done!
Cohen kept going back and forth between the water and the normal park- he loved it too! And that cute little girl behind him is his friend Ella- her brother Josh is in the background ! They are all good friends and are so cute playing together!
Happy Boy!

Cute Cohen

Cohen is obsessed with animals now- he changes obsessions every couple of weeks. I walked into his room one day and saw him reading this book! Look closer .... can you see the matching animals. He matched all his animals to their picture- smarty pants! Except for the alligator on the deer picture- I don't know what that is all about.... maybe he already knows predator and prey?!?

And don't ask me about the shoe fetish- but these pictures are too cute- and what a cute smile! My mom just bought him some shoes and he call them his "running shoes" because they look like running shoes and he says they help him race (because of my race- haha!) So cute!
His medication for his asthma seems to help him- there are a few side effects- mostly mood changes when he is really tired. It is hard to know because he is 2 anyway and you wonder is this him or the drugs talking. He is such a fun, imaginative, talkative, little boy- and he sings too-he just melts our heart!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Provo 1/2 Marathon

Okay so finally some commentary on this blog. Thanks for all your comments! My friend Shelly and I have been running 3x a week since January. And one day she told me how easy this half marathon was-so not thinking about the reality of it all I said that was my goal! So the longest we have ran was 6 miles and the thought of doubling that distance made me a little nervous but I knew I could do it......... until the bus drive at 4:45 am! It was pitch black and we left our homes at 4am to go to Provo. And that bus kept driving and driving and driving and then Shelly says- can you believe we have to run this whole distance back-------PANIC! And then the bus kept going and going and going- oh man! Our deal was to stay positive no matter what- so we decided to take this one mile at a time! My goal was under 3 hours which we made! Yeah us! Shelly is the best running buddy ever- seriously so awesome and her endurance was incredible- I had to walk a little bit- about a mile out of the 13 so not bad. But I did fine until about mile 9 and then my legs and hips would cramp up because most of it was down hill- so I would have to stretch out and keep going! The best part was the finish line. My cute dad surprised me and met us at the 12 mile marker and then my family and Shelly's family were waiting at the end! Cohen kept saying-"you racing mommy"- you know it! I am pretty sore afterwards- i.e. can't walk, but much better today! So chances of doing it again: not out of the question!!! And I did accomplish a huge goal- yeah!