Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Carson's 2nd Year of Preschool

This is Carson's last year of preschool. How is my baby growing up so fast? He was so excited to go to Miss Susie's preschool again. All morning he was ready to go- that makes me happy! I love having a photographer husband because as I was scrabbling to get him ready for school (he has to be there at 8:30) and I asked Steve to take some quick before school pictures. I love how he whipped out the 5 pound camera and spent 2 minutes taking pictures and we got so many great shots- thanks honey! Cute Carson requested homemade pop tarts for breakfast and we had homemade mac and cheese for dinner- some of his favorites- I love making things special for my kids.... one of the joys you get to have as a mother!
He was sporting his super cute new Darth Vader backpack (thanks Grandma). I think these pictures totally show his personality- so stinking cute with a goofy side- enjoy!

Salt Lake Visit #3

 Our last summer trip up to Salt Lake before school started and we had to get sick right before the trip- no fun. Although in this picture you can't tell because the kids are so resilient!
 Got our hair cut at Cookie Cutters- man we miss that place in St. George
 Watched lots of movies- Grandpa is the snuggliest.
 Took grandma out to Kneaders for breakfast- these boys are the best

 Heather and I took the kids to Gardner Village- man I love this place
 Aunt Heather was gracious enough 9and skilled enough) to help Cohen scalp his lion out of clay- um yeah she is that awesome!

 Baking a wedding cake with Grandma
 And somehow I roped this cute sister of mine into helping me do this chalkboard for my aunt's birthday- did I mention I love her!
Our trip included eating at some of our favorite places, watching more movies, swimming, and hanging out with family- we always have so much fun!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Salt Lake Visit #2

The first night we were there I got to get together with some of my favorite people ( Shelly and Krissy) and have yummy dinner at Zupas and even better girl time.

 The next day we went to Scheels which is a large outdoor/sporting store and we had a blast
 Besides being chased by bears
 And crazies :)- Love that Lola
 Loved the giant ferris wheel inside.... well the boys did anyway

 My sweet Grandparents from Boise Idaho came down and we got to spend a couple days with them!

We went to the Dinosaur Museum, out to lunch, played a lot, swam, and of course they spoiled us!
 Almost every afternoon it poured rain..... we had to take advantage and play in it. Love how Lola is running like a crazy person in the background!

 Off to the zoo which was so fun and then to Ruth's Diner- yum!
 Don't let this adorable smile of Heather's fool you- I think she was about to toss Lola out the window- haha! Got to love the teething age:)

 Going on the mall train! And we all got to go to the Hallmark store and get our ornaments for this year- fun except poor Cohen lost his at the food court. Later that day he tried swimming without any life jacket and swallowed too much water, which made him throw up...... he told me that he was having a really bad day!
 And finally lots of swimming- yay! My cool dude. I don't have any pictures of Cohen but that kid has turned into a fish on this trip- snorkeling, and jumping off the diving board- we were so proud of him!
We had such a fun trip.... as always and I just love spending time with my family!