Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Dad Ever!

*Don't worry this post is rated PG and Steve is wearing a swim suit*
But I had to blog about what an amazing dad Steve is! The other night I hear him telling Cohen we are taking a bath in the big tub tonight- and Cohen was so excited and so was Carson! So they took a bath in our tub and Steve joined them- they had a blast! Carson was taken out kicking and screaming literally- he could have stayed in there all night!
Thank you honey for being such an amazing daddy and helping out so much!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Someone's Walking

Yeah! Our Carson is walking!
It all started on Saturday night when Steve and I went out to a charity event. My sister Heather and her hubby Danny were so nice to watch our kids! When we got home they were telling us that as soon as we left Carson was walking all over the place- and we thought she meant walking inbetween them- oh no.... she meant like walking down the halls and into different rooms! So the next day do you think he walked- nope....nothing....nada....zilch! Then yesterday after Steve left for work Carson just stood up and started walking- I was amazed and so excited! I called Steve and let him know- we were both thrilled! Carson literally walked all day long- he has great balance and doesn't fall very much! It is still weird to me to see him walk into the room! I love this age and how cute their walking is! Carson will be 16 months on the 24th and so I am relieved that he is walking now! Now I have heard that kids just start walking one day but I didn't think it was that literal, but now I know that one day they just start walking! So fun! Good job little man!

State Fair Part 2

Cohen also went on one of those huge slides- talk about giving a mother a heart attack! Actually Steve wanted to take him on the farris wheel so I settled for this! He had a great time!

Crazy dragon roller coaster- Cohen at first had a panicked look on his face, but he was so proud of himself for going!

Carson playing the ducky game- so cute! We also saw seals and animals! Then afterwards we went with our friends to Chick-fil-A for dinner! It was the perfect family night!

The State Fair

On Friday we took the boys to the State Fair with some great friends of ours! We did all kinds of fun things! Cohen got to ride on another horse- and he did it all by himself as he told us! They both rode a helicopter ride and Carson cried when he got off because he loved it so much! Then they played a ducky game and both won a prize! It was hot but we had lots of fun.......see next post.....

Gardner Village

We had a super fun week last week! On Thursday we went to Gardner Village and rode horses! Carson rode a horse too but I didn't get a picture because I was holding him on the horse- and the angle wasn't working in my favor. Then we fed the ducks and then Grandma Bowers spoiled us rotten with fudge, new sippy cups, cookies and books- We all had a sugar high afterwards! Thanks for the fun day Grandma!
Here is Cohen reading a new Halloween book while I looked around the cute store! Also they had all their witches out- and Cohen loved the witch that smashed into the mill!
Carson "feeding" the ducks/himself!

This was Cohen's first time riding a horse and he loved it- it's name was Queen! He's a natural!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Building A Word

Okay so beside the homeless hair style he is portraying in this picture I thought I would post these pictures of Cohen. He watches this show on PBS called Word World- and one day while he was watching it he went and got all his alphabet magnets and lines them all up in a row! Well I watched him do this and then I asked him what he was do an he says "I'm building a word"! Are you kidding me- smarty pants! So he didn't actually spell any words but I thought it was cool that he was getting the concept. Now if he was spelling real words I would start filling out applications to Harvard, but until he gets into the genius category I will just let him be a smart little kid! Doesn't every parent think their kid is smart? Sometimes this kid is too smart for his own good! Anyway I am rambling- just thought I'd share!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Carson Got A Haircut

Isn't this boy so handsome! I love his new haircut. They always make me a little sad because it makes him look so grown up and I miss the baby hair, but he looks so cute!
He is such a smiley baby! I love this happy boy! Steve took him to a place called Cookie Cutters where they only cut kids hair. So Carson got to drive a fire truck while getting his hair cut and they watch a movie and get a balloon afterwards. Carson just laughed and played the whole time. It is definitely worth paying more for a good and fun experience!
I had to take a picture of Cohen too- he is playing in our bath tub with his trains- they love that. But they now have a similar haircut and they both look so handsome!