Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Cohen

Cohen just turned 6 and I seriously can't believe it! All of these pictures came on here it total random order but I think it's kind of fun that way- the life of Cohen. I can't get over how adorable he is! He has the greatest smile ever- talk about dimples!!! He is such a helpful, sweet, and kind little boy. I love watching him grow up into the great kid that he is!

 This is Cohen on his birthday. He got to bring donuts to class and 4 days after he had his first friend party at Pirate Cove Pizza- he loved having all of his friends be there just for him- he had such a great time!

 This is Kaden his best friend- besides Carson of course!

 It was kind of crazy and I thought more than once.... I am so glad this is not at my house- haha!

Tada! Here are some things about this kid. This wonderful boy never wants to disappoint anyone! He loves Legos and I am so amazed at how he will sit and focus and put whole sets together by himself. He is very smart and is already reading simple books- what? He loves school. He loves to play with friends. He has really excelled at learning golf this year! Everything is magical to him- I love the holidays with this kid. He has now lost two teeth and has an even cuter smile! His favorite food is pizza and cheesy noodles..... and anything with sugar in it- don't worry that's not all I feed him. If it was up to him he would stay home all day and play with his toys- he doesn't like to shop. I love to hear his real laugh... you know that gut laugh- it's the best! He is the best big brother ever and has the biggest heart. We have loved having this kiddo in our family!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Carson's date with Grandma

While Cohen was out with Steve at the BYU game we had promised Carson that we would take him to do something special (since we didn't think he would enjoy sitting at a game for 4 hours in the rain)! I wasn't feeling very well- I was trying to get over a yucky virus, so my mom took Carson on a date! They both have been wanting to ride the frontrunner- which is kind of like the public trains but it goes farther so it's faster, has less stops and has 2 levels. Carson of course wanted to ride on the top of the train. They had a great time. Carson was so excited to come home and tell me all about it. They ended up going to City Creek and going to the Disney Store and getting pajamas- so cute! And then going to the Chocolate store and getting a train shaped chocolate sucker- it was the perfect train filled day for the boy who loves trains!!!

 Haha- this picture is funny! We said they are being haunted by a ghost!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun times in November

 Oh man could this kid get any cuter
 Snuggling in their bed- ahhh!
 Both boys got a stomach bug and high fevers- then Steve and I both got a virus- fun times
 Carson made an indian shirt- he loved it

 To celebrate my dad, Cohen's and Heather's birthday we all went out to Texas Roadhouse- it was so fun!
 Haha- this picture sums up Heather's life...... no words needed
 Cohen got to sit on the saddle and be sung to- Heather and Dad were party poopers and wouldn't let us tell them it was their birthday too
 Cohen also got to go to the BYU football game for his first time- he loved it
 Aunt Heather building legos with the boys during nap time- we were so lucky to go and spend some time with them. We sure miss living closer to them.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween 2013

So this year Steve promised to actually carve a pumpkin with Cohen. So the day before Halloween I thought I better go get some pumpkins to carve! Cohen actually did not love the removal of the innards - he told us he was going to throw up- haha! They loved their pumpkins and had fun choosing how they wanted the faces to look. While we were carving our pumpkins guess who showed up...... Grandma and Grandpa Bowers- yay! The boys were totally surprised!

 I was excited that my parents could come see the Halloween parades that the kids had
 Here is our Han Solo- It is so fun having a kindergartener!

 In Carson's preschool class they did a little program where they sang a whole bunch of really cute Halloween songs- Carson (I mean the Lone Ranger) actually sang along- so cute to watch!
 I love this picture above- look at all the parents shadows taking pictures- haha!

Steve has some better photos of the boys in their costumes but this is all I have. This is us right before they went trick or treating. I stayed home with my mom and passed out candy and watched the Addams family movies (love those). And Steve and my dad took the boys trick or treating..... for and hour and a half- what? They slept really great that night! They had such a fun time and I love how magical this age is- everything is so fun! We also were lucky enough to have my parents stay for the whole weened- we all had a wonderful time!