Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cougar Spirit

Steve and I haven't had a Saturday off since we moved so I wanted to go do something fun. We went down to BYU campus to show Cohen around for his first time. Holly, Jordan, Olivia and Jackman came with us too. We went to the cougar bookstore and bought Cohen his game day BYU outfit and Holly bought BYU halloween costumes for the family- they are going to be fans this year- so cute. Then we went out to eat at the Wilkinson center and then walked around campus. We all had a great time.

Going Home

On our way home we were able to visit with Steve's Grandma Crabtree and Aunt Marilee at the airport. Marilee works there so she got Grandma through security to come and see us. We had a great visit. And Marilee got me to read the Twilight books-LOVE THEM! I read all 4 in less than 2 weeks-thanks you very much Steve for being a single dad for 2 weeks. Anyway it was a perfect ending to a really fun trip- oh and as you can tell Cohen loved them!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Alaska:7-I'm almost done

The most beautiful city I have ever been too is Victoria British Columbia. It was so clean and there were flowers everywhere. We went at night and I was worried how Cohen would do but he stayed up until 11:30pm and did awesome. We went to a great Chocolate store and Jade store. And there was this really fun band playing outside that people had stopped and listened to- everyone was dancing- including us. We had a great time. Thanks Steve for working so hard for us to be able to go on this really fun trip!


We took Cohen to all the shows we went to- he was just hanging out in his stroller- which he hardly ever does.
We went to a town called Ketchikan- really fun town with lots of shops and another totem pole place. We did lots of walking. 

Us at our last formal dinner. Steve looks great- and here is Cohen throwing spoons. Our waiters were awesome.


Okay so I only brought like 80 toys with me and that kept his attention for maybe 2 minutes so we relied on paper to make him happy. It would entertain him for like an hour-we just had to watch and make sure he didn't eat any.
The best thing we packed on our trip was Cohen. We had such a good time with him- of course you don't enjoy the trip as much- but I couldn't have left him.
Cohen's fan club. Literally 5 or 6 people actually took pictures of him- I don't know why- I mean he's cute and all. But everyone raved about how cute he was and how good he was. He loved the attention. So here is me hanging out with fans while Steve is out taking pictures of whales.
Us out whale watching in Juneau. Lots of whales- it was so much fun.
Steve would eat these yummy breadsticks and so Cohen would crawl over and start eating the other half-so sweet.


Okay cute family picture of us before we left Sitka!
The only sad thing about our cruise are the super nice people who work there- like this lady has a 8 month old little boy and 2 year old little girl and her and her husband will be working for 6 months and the go home for 2 months and then work another 6 months while her mother raises her kids. She was just having a great time with Cohen and it made her miss her baby- it makes me so sad.
My very cute husband and baby looking out a window at the buffet area- I don't know what is more beautiful the scenery or my family- oh yeah I actually do know the answer to that question- my family for sure!
Cohen loves to sit by himself and since we held him tons on this trip we tried to set him down as much as possible for him to move around- Steve took this really cute picture.
Lots of bands and music on the ship- and Cohen loves music. So we are dancing with the music- he was so snuggly on this trip which he never is- that was really fun.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is how we would bathe Cohen on the ship- in the bathroom sink. There was no bathtub so we did what we could. He loved it. He would grab everything off the counters to play with- it was so cute. And don't worry out stateroom attendant Antonio always did a great job of cleaning our room so the sink was clean.
SITKA! Was the first town we stopped at. We anchored out in the port and had to take another boat to shore. This was a really little, beautiful town. There were some Indian tribes here but then the Russians came. So there are a lot of Russian historical buildings.
This is a restaurant we ate at- can you see that we have to keep Cohen occupied- that is a package of batteries I think he is chewing on, but I'm not sure.
We went to a totem pole park. It was a historical landmark and a battle site for the Indians and Russians. Steve was taking all kinds of pictures and I kept walking and so we lost each other in this huge park. The problem was there was a bear spotted 4 days earlier and they said that it probably was still in the park. So here I am BY MYSELF with Cohen, walking as fast as I could back to the main building- with no one in sight- I was for sure I was going to be eaten by a bear. Anyway, I'm still alive and Steve and I met back up at the tourist building. But it really was neat seeing all the totem poles as I ran by them- j/k.
This was a statue whale in a park that we put Cohen on to pose for us- he loved it. As you can tell this cruise was no tropical vacation- hence all the sweaters, but it was very beautiful.


This was us at dinner- so we always took Cohen with us everywhere. But at dinner he did not want to hold still- he is such a busy body. So through our like 5 course meal every night we had a challenge on our hands. We would read books, play with toys and by the end of dinner there were always 5 or 6 spoons on the floor. Half of the time Steve and I would walk with him outside because he would be screaming- just because he couldn't get what he wanted. All in all he was great on the cruise.
This was the restaurant we ate at. it was really pretty.

Then we went to the Captain's welcome toast. Of course we weren't drinking, but it was fun to go to anyway. It was funny at dinner the waiters would look at us all because none of us drank- he was shocked and said "what is wrong with this table no one is drinking" we're just not interested thanks. That is how cruise ships make the big bucks is alcohol and gambling.


Okay I am so behind on blogging and we just went on an Alaskan cruise- so I have like a million pictures. So I will be doing this in a lot of phases.
These picture are of us leaving Seattle on our ship- so fun!
Oh and the bottom picture is the group of people we sat with for dinner throughout the cruise- they were such a fun group.