Wednesday, February 24, 2010

9 Months

My baby is 9 months old- yeah... I can't believe he has been alive as long as I was pregnant! This little guy is such a joy in our lives. I wish he slept better at night- we are trying but he has something different in mind. He is so smiley and happy. He is starting to get attached to mommy more, but still will smile and be shy around other people. He has been healthy lately thank heavens (knock on wood). He loves laughing at his brother and grabbing at everything in sight. He is sitting great but not interested in crawling yet- he will roll onto his tummy to grab something and then rolls right back onto his back- silly kid!
Carson has light brown hair and steel colored eyes- so cute! We love our handsome happy dude!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Yes that is right everyone- I sewed..... I know what you are thinking- how did she do the impossible? I am thinking the same thing. The answer.... with a lot of help from my mom. Ididn't even know how to thread a machine. Anyway my girlfriend had just had a baby and so I saw this project for putting appliques on onesies. I knew that this was my first project and so super cute. So my mom and I picked out fabric and she taught me how to use my machine. I am pretty much the slowest sewer EVER.... it was like stitch....stitch......stitch..... well you get the idea. Overall I think they turned out cute and my girlfriend liked them!
Okay and this picture is totally random- but isn't he so freaking cute! So some cute things the boys are doing... today Cohen took 3 of his orange fruit snacks and stacked them above each other and he goes- "it's Frosty"- ha ha ha that was so funny. Also yesterday at church I went up on the stand to sing with the YW, when we finished Cohen was standing on a chair and he yells " OKAY". He thought sacrament meeting was over and now he can go to nursery- everyone was laughing. Speaking of nursery for the first 6 months he would scream and hated it and now we can barely make it through sacrament meeting- he wants to play with kids. Our Carson claps and waves all the time. He is sitting up really great now, but not interested in crawling or moving around- just a happy easy going little guy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Grandma and Grandpa Brough got the boys some super cute books for Valentine's Day. They have already been read a lot- and Cohen of course steals Carson's- good thing Carson is so easy going! Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa. We got the boys a couple of toys- I love Valentine's Day and I love my 3 Valentine's- they are all so awesome.

Of course my sweet hubby spoiled me. I got roses and chocolate covered strawberries. But my favorite present was the list of 100 things he loves about me- are you kidding..... I love that man- I can't imagine how hard that must have been to come up with 100 things! So I saw my list at like 2:45 in the morning and I was holding Carson crying and reading this list-so sweet- and yes 2:45 is normal in our household.... wish is wasn't.... but it is! Then I made a nice dinner and we had my parents over- they had just gotten home from a 2 weeks cruise so it was good to see them. My Grandma and Grandpa also sent the boys some balloons and chocolates and they sent me a box of sewing stuff- I totally want to learn how to sew- I am just totally intimidated to start. On Monday Steve had the day off so he took me out to lunch and bought me some shoes and house decorations. Oh how I love that man- he is seriously so good to me.

Thomas the Train

We all got so spoiled at our house for Valentine's Day! That is the next post, but my mom bought Cohen a Thomas the Train set and pj's. So that is his new thing- trains, planes and automobiles! I constantly have train tracks running throughout my house. He sleeps with trains, eats with trains and takes them everywhere we go- he's a little obsessed. And don't think about trying to take them away from him- that's drama and a half. We got Cohen some little trains and a Thomas movie- so pretty much we watch Thomas all day long- don't judge it's winter. Speaking of winter- sun I beg of you to come out and stay out, get rid of this snow and let my kids run and play outside!!!

Some Cutes Of Carson!

Such a happy boy. Always sucking his lips or playing with his crazy tongue! I can't believe this is my first post in February and it is the 17th- ahh where have I been. So I couldn't have passed up these pics!