Sunday, January 31, 2010

The End Is In Sight

So Carson is pretty much back to his normal self- yeah. Cohen did get RSV and is now on breathing treatments and steroid medication- his ear infection actually was getting worse when we went in the doctors- but we still have until Thursday of antibiotics for that. The last two days with him have been really hard. He is constantly coughing until he throws up- poor kid we are back to the throwing up. I am so grateful to say that today he is way more himself. He is still coughing lots but last night both the boys slept pretty well and he is eating a little more today. He is also running around and playing again. I never thought I would love seeing cluttered toys all over my floor but when it means my boys are happy and playing it makes me so happy. We still probably have a couple of days of sickness- I am a little under the weather myself but I think it should be pretty mild- so thanks for all of you help and advice it is so appreciated! And I hope we are all healthy for a while!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nose Running

The runny nose and coughing- it won't stop. Isn't this the most miserable face- well he is miserable. So it is Thursday and he is as bad as ever. He won't sleep because he is coughing so much and he still doesn't have and appetite. I wish he looked so out of it because he was all drugged up and feeling good, but no such luck. We are only giving him his antibiotic and tylenol once in awhile for fever. His fever is a little lower today, but he still has one! I tried giving him Benadryl and he made himself cough so hard he threw it up. So now I have to go and get Carson up from his nap and take care of two sick kiddos who aren't supposed to be around each other- wish me luck!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And Then There Were Two

Unfortunately this happy face on Sunday night didn't last very long- about five more hours to be exact. Steve and I had just finished giving Carson a breathing tx and put him back to bed- we laid down about midnight and then the stomach flu hit. So Cohen started throwing up and did not stop until about 7 the next morning. Needless to say Steve and I did not get more than 2 hours sleep and then I had to take Carson to the respiratory clinic and Cohen had to go to the doctor with Steve. After 6 loads of laundry, scrubbing the boys bathroom, blankets and sheets lining practically our whole house and TONS of hand sanitizer I am hoping the boys don't get each other sick or us sick. We are sick of sickness!!!
So Cohen we think had the stomach flu, but he also has an ear infection- poor kid doesn't have a huge appetite, but gets yummy pink bubble gum medicine shoved down his throat for the next 10 days. Today was the first day we haven't taken Carson to the Clinic- he is sounding better, still very stuffy and has a really bad cough, but I think he is on the down stretch. So now Steve went to a quick meeting and I am here trying to take care of two sick boys and not contaminate either of them. Cohen's nose is constantly running and he is coughing like crazy all over the place- I am such a germ a phobe and so I am kind of freaking out. I have literally used Purell 30 x in the last 20 minutes because I am wiping noses right and left!
On the bright side thank heavens for all of your prayers- I know they have been helping and our family is on the down stretch. Thank you for the meals and phone calls- I feel truly blessed to have such great friends and family! We are sooo grateful!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

8 Months

Happy 8 months little man- how do we celebrate? Oh yes the emergency room! Carson has RSV- great. So yesterday he was getting really bad- wheezing and congestion and we just had this nagging feeling that it wasn't his asthma like the doctor said that is was RSV. And sure enough that's what it is- well bronchialitis actually because we didn't do the test to tell which virus, but since 66% of children get RSV before they are 1 we figured that's it. So he was sounding okay- they suctioned him out and gave a prescription to a respiratory clinic closer to home. So this morning he was wheezing really bad and was really stuffy so we took him in to the clinic and his oxygen levels were dropping after he fell asleep so then he got admitted to the ER for about 3 hours to monitor his breathing. They took a chest x-ray and he does have a little virus in his lungs, but nothing to serious. So now we are home and waiting. We will keep doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and suctioning him out. We will take him to the respiratory clinic tonight before he goes to bed to suction him out again and check his oxygen levels- hope this is the peak and it gets better from here. In the mean time Steve and I are both exhausted because we have been up all night and the emotional strain is hard on us also (more me because I am such a freak out mom). So this is a picture of our little sweetheart at the hospital- once he ate he was a lot happier- he was wanting to grab at everything- especially stethescopes- I think I need to get him one for his birthday. Everyone complements how happy he is! We can't believe he is 8 months old- he weighed 21lbs at the ER yesterday- big chunky boy. He loves to play and laugh and watch his older brother Cohen. Please pray for our baby to get better quickly- this has been really hard on all of us and we just want him to get better. More updates to come....

Monday, January 18, 2010


I know what a cute smile this little guy has! He totally melts my heart! So we have been doing nebulizer treatments since the beginning of December and so I went to the doctors last week to follow up on Carson. So every time our Dr. hears him he has a wheezing in his lungs. This is not something I hear because it is not really serious (he is not under respiratory distress), but she thinks he will have asthma. Most of you are thinking oh yeah not a big deal, but I am so sick of dealing with some kind of medical problem with this kiddo. So I can either do breathing treatments 2x a day for 6 more weeks - maybe all the time- or I can put a pill in his baby food called singulair to prevent asthma. So we are doing the pill. We still have to get his surgery done. I am washing his hair 2x a day and putting all kinds of creams and lotions on him for his eczema- the good news is that it is under control and his skin is looking great! So sorry to vent I am just kind of tired of this daily routine.
I am super grateful it is nothing more serious- I hope he will grow out of most of these things. He is super happy and an easy going baby- he makes me so happy. I stress out a lot less with this guy than Cohen for sure! Speaking of Cohen these two are like best buddies. I put Carson in the car the other day and Cohen was already in there and he was so excited to see Carson- "HIII Carson"- so cute!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Starting to Sit

Okay so this post is about Carson sitting, but I had to post this pic of Cohen. I said "Cohen show me your happy face", and this is what I got! HAHA he looks more surprised than happy, but we will be working on learning expressions obviously!
Here is my big boy! He is sitting really well now. I can't quite leave him yet but he does sit on his own. What--is this a glimpse of freedom! I sure hope so. This kid weighs a ton and my arms and back are always sore- I don't know why I am not getting used to him! Maybe because he just keeps getting bigger. Other exciting news- two bottom teeth- so freaking cute! Sorry these pictures don't show them- his tongue is always in the way. He is now clapping and starting to roll onto his tummy from his back. It is so fun to see him learning. He is always passing things from hand to hand. I feel so lucky to have two awesome kids!

Fun at our House

My cute little family. I am over run with men in my house! They all love to wrestle and play- nothing pink around here! Steve is such an awesome dad. He always loves to play with the kiddos- his little buddies. And I don't even have to ask- he just loves doing it- he is so great!
Carson is such a happy little tike and Cohen has to get in on the action. They are both so much fun- we love them!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

messy messy messy

Cohen has watched Frosty 100 too many times this year and can quote all kinds of things. My favorite is when he accidently spills his whole bowl of snacks he backs up and says "messy messy messy". Okay so it makes me laugh can you blame me.
So when we were all eating dinner yesterday (I am trying to eat as a family at the table) Carson had already eaten earlier so we gave him a biter biscuit to occupy him. He loves them but can I just say- messy messy messy. The worst part is that you don't see the biscuit in these pictures-why?- because he dropped it on his cloth high chair seat-eewwww!
What a cutie!

P.S. okay so this is cheesy and a half but last night I made a nice dinner for Steve because it was our five year anniversary of our first date. I know -awesome! I can't believe we have done so much in five years (2 kids, 3 homes, etc.)- I love that man he is the greatest!

Sunday Dinner

Most Sunday's we have dinner with my parents. It is nice for me because I don't have to make anything. Plus my kiddos love the grandparents. My mom can make Carson just laugh so hard it is so cute.
Here is Cohen trying to steal the show.

What a fun loving little boy- he really is so happy and a lot more easy going than Cohen. Cohen is lots of fun none the less.
Don't worry we try to stay in touch with Steve's parents too. They have this tradition of always talking to all of their kids on Sunday. We always look forward to talking to them. This year we are all starting to skype with each other so now Cohen can see them when we talk to them- he loves it. I wish they lived closer so we could see them more often!
We love Grandparents!

Monday, January 4, 2010

ooey gooey in love with these boys

I love these two little guys sooooo much. They are so freaking cute! I was pushing Cohen around in the laundry basket making train noises and Carson looked so left out. So I asked Cohen to hold him- Cohen was so excited and did such a good job. What a nice brother. So we rode around the house and I couldn't stop laughing because they were so cute just hanging out together! When I tried to take Carson out Cohen held on tighter and said no- so I proceeded to travel around the house again. Boys are so fun and exhausting! This must be what they meant in finding joy in your posterity!